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When it comes to truck driving, using one of these staffing organizations can be a major benefit and can give you, as a business owner or manager, peace of mind.
The trucking industry shows when people are buying more or less.
Showing truck drivers they are secure, and offering them job security, will in most cases give them a higher sense of value than anything else when it comes to work.
Managers and business owners are preparing themselves for the worst while hoping for the best–truck driving companies (and those who hire truck drivers) included.
A driver who hasn’t scheduled their time properly might be in a rush, which is never a good mindset to be in behind the wheel and can lead to errors and dangerous activity like speeding.
People considering getting into truck driving might wonder whether or not there is job security in the industry.
There is data that shows people are increasingly worried about a possible recession.
Layoffs aren't always the answer.
When it comes to screening truck driving applicants, it’s up to the employer whether or not they should include social media checks.
The question has become what kind of testing should be required for truck drivers?
The skills needed to be hired as a truck driver
Truck driving can be a great career for many.
Not only are truck drivers facing the inflation and cost of living increases prevalent nationwide, but also a high turnover rate and a shortage of drivers to hire.
You'll want to look out for certain things when hiring a truck driver.
A credit check can help an employer flag fraud or theft, and it can also help indicate if someone mismanages their money.
Use the interview to highlight your skills and expertise.
One of the most appealing parts about truck driving is the freedom of working on your own.
Having special licenses can set you apart.
Many companies require a drug screening for employment.
The rules are in place for a reason–to keep drivers safe.