ELD Mandate

As we all know, the ELD Mandate, now on the cusp of enforcement, represents one of the largest, most wide-reaching changes to the transportation industry in a generation.

The regulation, which requires commercial truck drivers crossing state lines to use Electronic Logging Devices, will begin to phase in on December 18, 2017, when carriers will face fines for noncompliance. Starting on April 1, 2018, noncompliant carriers will be shut down and placed out of service.

As Workforce Specialists, ProDrivers understands the likely impacts of the ELD Mandate on our industry, and we’re preparing our drivers and staff to support carriers with contingent drivers who are ready, willing and able to help you stay in compliance. As always, we are on your side!

Click here to view an overview flyer which contains the following information:

  1. Explanation of how ProDrivers is supporting our carriers
  2. Intrastate regulations coming from each state
  3. ELD mandate enforcement
  4. ELD exceptions
  5. FMCSA resources