Reinforce employee training with improved technology

February 22, 2022

It's easy for organizations to underestimate the importance of proper employee training. However, ensuring your business offers effective and continuous training opportunities is a key element in improving productivity, satisfaction and retention rates. It's not only critical to implement these programs for new hires but also to reinforce training frequently. 

With advanced technology, offering well-structured and continuously supported training programs is easier than ever for corporations. Leveraging technology to reinforce training, learning and development after programs have concluded can include:

Gamification refers to the process of adding game-like elements to training or learning initiatives in a strategic attempt to improve engagement and effectiveness. This is a powerful way to engross workers in a "fun" way while helping learners put training principles into practice on the job. Gamification often employs real-world scenarios so the workforce has a clear understanding of how to apply their training and can even lead to friendly competition motivated by co-workers. A report from Finances Online found that 50% of businesses saw improved productivity because of gamification training features.

Video and audio content
Another effective use of technology to reinforce training initiatives involves video and audio content. While this type of content is nothing new to the business sphere, advanced technology solutions make consumption much easier. New software and various platforms offer interactive elements which ultimately leads to higher engagement levels and increased retention rates. This is also highly valued by the younger workforce, who prefer these captivating features to boost their online training experience.

Online forums for social learning
More and more organizations are offering hybrid and remote work opportunities, which make in-person social learning a bit more difficult. But with new technology, social learning is not restricted to the office. Digital social learning is often promoted by online forums, which allow learners to ask and answer questions and engage with interactive chats. After training initiatives, online forums are vital for social learning to support these programs. Not only is this a beneficial way to reinforce training, but it also promotes improved collaboration and support from co-workers. This is highly beneficial to increase productivity while building community in the workplace.

Mobile learning
Improved technology for organizations often involves mobile learning. This offers higher flexibility in regard to training and learning by allowing employees access on the go. With any time, anywhere access, your workforce can learn when it's convenient for them. By delivering information in smaller portions, and in conjunction with traditional on-the-job training, employees are more likely to retain what they learn. Workers can also benefit from a wide range of content that can be successfully integrated into their daily structures.

Most organizations are aware of the influence proper training initiatives can have, but only a handful consider reinforcing this information a priority. However, improved technology can make these processes simple. Moreover, according to Axonify, 93% of employees believe that well-planned training programs positively affect their levels of engagement. It's critical for organizations to leverage technology to improve and reinforce their training initiatives for knowledge retention, improved engagement and maintained productivity long-term.