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Open letter to Our Drivers, and all Truck Drivers,

It is certainly true of each of you every single day, but during these times, these very hard times, we are once again reminded of the true Heroes amongst us. Personally, I have been around Truck Drivers and the transportation industry literally all my life. My Dad started in the business when I was 3 and I am now 62 - suffice it to say it has been almost 6 decades. Many things have certainly changed over the years, but this I can say for sure hasn’t: the heart, compassion, and soul of Truck Drivers. Truckers are people who get what life is all about. You understand that serving and giving come before taking and self! That understanding is regularly shuffled into the background of our society where it is often about self and seems to only pay attention to the loudest voice. 

It is during times like these, this very day, where we once again see character being revealed in all people. Many people are on the front lines of today’s struggle and drivers are right in the middle of this fight; meeting the needs of those in need. I am so proud and humbled to be associated with a group of people that are so giving, serving of others, and always rise to the occasion. I have seen this demonstrated in you over and over in the past 60 years! In the middle of the fight we find ourselves in, I and the Team I have the privilege to be a part of, feel compelled to pause and simply offer a word of Thanks to each one of you! We will get through this time, and we will be stronger and better for it!

As we come out the other side, my Hope is none of us will ever take you for granted again. I for one will not forget who you are and what you do! I won’t just remember and appreciate you now, but I will continue to remember you each day. You Matter, and what you do Matters greatly to all of us. My heartfelt thanks to each Truck Driver reading this and blessings upon each of you and your loved ones!

Mike Mitchell
President, ProDrivers

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