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How to manage the risks of distracted driving


How to manage the risks of distracted driving

When truckers drive hundreds of miles each day, it's easy to understand why they might think driving is 'second nature' to them. Although they may be more experienced than the average driver, the road is a vast, ever-changing and dangerous place, so it's essential that they don't take road safety for granted.

There are many ways a driver can be distracted behind the wheel, even if they don't consider it a disturbance. A few examples include:

  • Texting
  • Taking pictures
  • Talking on the phone
  • Adjusting faulty equipment
  • Changing music on a mobile device

We're not saying that drivers shouldn't be allowed to do anything but drive. However, if these behaviors become a part of an everyday routine, then it's likely that drivers will take less care than is required to stay focussed on the road.

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is inattentive driving and it can result in more than just an insurance claim. Recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that around 1 in 8 distracted driving incidents result in fatalities and although we may understand the dangers of careless driving in theory, whether we stick to them is another story.

A survey from The Zebra found that although 36.4% of drivers agree that texting whilst driving is dangerous and hinders your driving ability, an equal 36% admitted to using their cellphone behind the wheel. With large machinery in the hands of every trucker, it's crucial to make sure they maintain basic safety standards on the highway, not only to keep themselves safe, but other motorists on the road too.

Here are some ways you can monitor safe and attentive driving with your employees:

Keep an eye on the black box

If a driver isn't paying attention to their surroundings, then chances are they'll begin to drive too fast. Traveling above the limit can be a simple mistake to make, especially when driving long distances. It may be that they're a little too heavy on the gas pedal, or subconsciously trying to get to their destination quicker.

Regardless, speeding is an incredibly dangerous practice for anyone on the highway. Overseeing black box activity will give you clear data as to whether a driver regularly drives faster than permitted. Communicate with drivers and remind them to remain cautious when on the job.

Provide up-to-date equipment

Inattentive driving is also caused by unnecessary fidgeting with out-of-date technology in the truck. Old radios and navigation systems can cause distractions if they don't function properly. Make sure that your equipment isn't detrimental to drivers so that they don't lead to potential accidents on the road.

Quality hiring practices

If you want to ensure the safety of employees, equipment and other drivers, then take steps to confirm your hiring practices are up-to-scratch. If appropriate background checks are not performed, then it's possible that you could take on someone not fit for the role. If you hire an individual and they have a history of DUI charges that go unnoticed, then that inevitably reflects negatively on your company.

Avoid negligence on your end by taking the time to provide up-to-date systems, track driving activity and contact references for background checks.

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