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What makes a successful truck driver?


Truck Driver

Planning trips

Truck driving is more than just getting from A to B, it's also about the way drivers handle the journey. Thinking about trips ahead of schedule could save a lot of time in the long run. When planning, aspects such as journey length, weather conditions, road construction and traffic issues should be considered to avoid potential obstructions. A driver may also organize pit stops, or estimate roughly when they need to top-up their gas. Encouraging your drivers to think of these details ahead of time, or working on your communication to provide this information, will ensure as smooth a ride as possible.

Cleanliness in the cab

In an office environment, working in a messy area can have a significant effect on a worker's mindset and ability to focus. The same goes for truck drivers. Research has shown that disorganization drains our mental ability, no matter where we are. For truck drivers, a great way to tackle this is by taking a large disposable bag and clearing out their cab every other day to prevent the build-up of trash. A successful truck driver will know exactly what's in their cab and where it is, without obstacles getting in the way.

Caring about safety

People underestimate the dangers that come with truck driving — even the drivers themselves. The road isn't a safe place, and vehicles need to be regularly maintained to meet safety standards. As a best practice, it's crucial for truck drivers to understand and follow the appropriate inspections and procedures. Make sure that your training is not only regular and up-to-date but also engaging. You can take a look at our seminars which cover a variety of topics to help you keep drivers, vehicles and other members of the road safe.

Time management

Being able to manage time effectively is an essential skill for any role, especially for truck drivers. It's a way for them to build a reputation for efficiency and reliability. How can you ensure good timekeeping from your workers? It all goes back to planning, as well as the ability to adjust plans on short notice. If drivers fall behind schedule, they can save time by grabbing a snack for the road during their bathroom break. Make sure to let your employees know the ways in which they can save time on the job to support their ability to meet deadlines.

Having budgets

A successful truck driver also has the ability to manage their money in an effective way. To do this, all the ways in which money can leave the bank account have to be considered so that the numbers can be controlled. Here are some aspects to take into account:

  • Snacks
  • Fast food
  • Habits such as smoking
  • Showers
  • Laundry

By encouraging drivers to keep track of their out-goings, you can help them save and make the most out of their earnings. You could try introducing online templates or budget strategies, such as rounding up costs to the nearest dollar. The change all adds up over time.

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