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Challenges truckers face with long-distance travel


Foggy road

Pressure to make the perfect journey

When transporting cargo, it's entirely the truck driver's responsibility to make sure that the goods remain in their original state. This means that any sharp breaking or harsh turns could pose a threat to the quality of the goods being delivered. Another challenge that truckers face is the pressure to arrive at their assigned location on time. Problems with punctuality are not taken lightly by many in the transportation industry. Where these issues are sometimes impossible for the driver to control, in situations such as traffic jams, it's still their responsibility, and therefore could harm the driver's reputation.

As a company, it's important to listen to your employees. Make sure to establish effective communication methods so that you are notified of any issues as they arise. This will help to reassure drivers and keep you informed. This can be done through SMS communication or mobile apps. Keeping track of these incidents will be beneficial for overseeing drivers' performance and checking the validity of their claims.

Mental health struggles

Being a truck driver is already a demanding and isolating profession as it is, but having no mattress to crash on at the end of the day just makes it that little bit harder. Long-haul truck drivers are at a high risk of occupational health-induced conditions with little access to healthcare and a weak support network. It was found that 44% of truck drivers struggle with symptoms of depression with mental health being directly affected by sleep-disturbance issues and occupational related pressures.

When coping with the work-life balance, truckers learn to make two homes for themselves. To help with this issue, try and find ways to develop a better support system for truckers. Could you offer solutions to help with a better night's sleep? Such as hotel room vouchers for good service, or possibly refurbishing trucks to primarily focus on comfort. Creating benefits that directly address issues to improve your drivers' wellbeing can go a long way in increasing employee satisfaction.

Unpredictable weather conditions

Weather conditions can drastically vary across the vast United States of America. With tornados in the midwest, rainfall in the southeast and heavy snow in the north, long-haul drivers are faced with the challenge of getting through severe conditions on a regular basis. Because of this, it's essential that drivers are trained effectively to help them determine the best course of action. This is in terms of their speed, maneuvering and knowing when it's time to pull over. Unfortunately, in the transportation industry, "time is money" and even with comprehensive training, drivers tend to avoid stopping when they need to, to meet deadlines and the needs of the company.

Truck drivers can get a lot of pressure from management to deliver on time, regardless of the obstacles. Try to avoid this. If drivers are encouraged to stop when the weather deems necessary, then drivers may feel more comfortable to pull over. This will prevent any potential damages to goods, vehicles and, most importantly, drivers. Black boxes are great for measuring whether a driver is going too fast for the current conditions, or making the appropriate stops.

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