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3 reasons temporary staffing can help during a recession


Managers and business owners are preparing themselves for the worst while hoping for the best–truck driving companies (and those who hire truck drivers) included.

Whether the United States is entering a recession is currently a hot topic debate, with arguments on both sides being contested by experts. Managers and business owners are preparing themselves for the worst while hoping for the best — truck driving companies (and those who hire truck drivers) included. So how can using a temporary staffing solution help in that preparation? Here are three main reasons it can be effective for your business.

No need for layoffs when using a staffing agency. A flexible workforce means that you can staff based on need. Simply put, temporary staffing is easier to increase or decrease depending on whether business is up or down. During periods of high demand, it allows for a company to bring in temporary workers without the need to hire them full time. If the company takes a turn and the need for workers is light, you can inform the staffing agency you don't need as many staffers. Alternatively, if the business is going through a period of growth or a seasonal need for more help, you can bring in additional employees (while knowing there isn't an expectation to have to keep them on past an agreed-upon timeframe). When facing a possible recession, this can be a valuable asset so that no matter what direction the economy goes in, you're prepared.

Although there is a cost to go through a staffing agency, which is typically 25% to 100% of the hired employee's wages, per Business News Daily, it may ultimately save you money. First, there's the upfront cost of hiring which you or your team would normally need the time to do. It takes time and resources to review resumes, interview candidates and hire workers. These are just a few of the benefits of using a staffing agency.

In addition, the cost of hiring permanent employees with full benefits is often more expensive than hiring temporary staff.

Reduced risk
The staffing agency will typically take on the responsibility and liability of the employees being hired or contracted. These include the financial risks of someone being fired or quitting, insurance coverage, and even labor laws. These are the last things you want to be concerned with while navigating a recession, not to mention the inevitable costs that come along with these risks when they go the wrong way.

Keep in mind that not all of your employees need to be temporary. You might have full-time staffers where you need them and they best fit, or permanently hire those you feel are indispensable, but you can supplement those workers with temporary ones. Temporary workers can help alleviate a heavy workload and keep permanent employees satisfied, which is an additional benefit to bringing them in. In fact, business owners and managers often use temporary workers to find good talent and permanently hire those who they see fit, according to The Hartford.

In times of economic downturn, it's contract employees and temporary workers who often bridge the gap to keep businesses running smoothly.

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