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The value of a flexible workforce within the trucking industry


When it comes to truck driving, using one of these staffing organizations can be a major benefit and can give you, as a business owner or manager, peace of mind.

The word recession has been on the tips of everyone's tongues this year. As a business owner or manager, this can bring on a great deal of stress. How can you protect the business? Is there anything you can do? And how can you do it without letting down the people around you.

The ups and downs in the trucking industry
This sentiment rings true for all businesses, including truck driving companies. Findings from Reuters show that there is a downturn in the need for trucking this year, and other factors have led to problems within the industry. For example, the fuel prices increasing has led to worse value for truck driving companies which, obviously, rely on large amounts of gas.

On the other hand, trucking was booming during the height of the pandemic because shipping became more frequent as online sales shot up. There was a massive shortage of truck drivers, according to Market Insights. The shortage meant that companies were paying more to bring people on, but now that may change as the demand dwindles.

There are so many factors that affect this particular industry. But one way to protect your truck driving business is through a flexible workforce. What does this mean? Using a temporary staffing agency.

Why use a staffing agency?
A temporary staffing agency provides a flexible workforce because you can hire depending on need, and you don't necessarily need to bring on full-time employees during a period of growth, only to let them go during decline. By using an agency with temporary workers, you need to pay whatever rate the agency requires which is likely a bit higher than you would directly pay a staffer, however you have a much higher sense of flexibility.

As your business needs change, you can go to the agency and either add on employees or cut back. There's a tremendous amount of value in this, because it protects both the business and the workers. There isn't the same burden of laying off workers who rely on the success of your business and its benefits, instead they have a specific arrangement through the agency. That agency also takes on the responsibility of finding them work any any legal obligations.

Additional benefits
Using a staffing agency also means you don't need to deal with reading through resumes, scheduling interviews, conducting background checks, and the other tasks that go along with hiring. The agency takes care of all of that. They also take care of payroll and sometimes scheduling. It all depends on the arrangement you have with the staffing agency and the industry you're in. When it comes to truck driving, using one of these organizations can be a major benefit and can give you, as a business owner or manager, peace of mind. You'll know that if there's an upswing in demand, you can bring in more workers to help with the workload. And you know that if the opposite happens, that agency can pull back on the workers they have assigned to you and help them find something else.

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