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Growing your career as a truck driver


Having special licenses can set you apart.

Most people have their eyes on moving up in their careers, or consider a promotion a prime motivator in their success. With a promotion is typically more responsibility and more money, making it appealing to many. Indeed suggests waiting at least six months if you are new to a job before asking about a raise. However, if you've been there for multiple years, you can ask once per year. If you're looking to move up as a truck driver, consider these tips.

Get licensed
This is the first step to building your skills. Truckerstraining.com lists this as a top element of developing your truck driver career. The kind of license you hold can determine what jobs you get and how much you'll earn. For example, those who can drive hazardous materials or double wide trucks will be paid more than those who don't. Having special licenses can set you apart and may open doors that stay closed for others who don't hold them.

Increase your mileage
The longer you are a driver, and the more you drive, the more experienced you'll be. With experience comes learning opportunities and it also shows loyalty. Both of these are reasons you could be a top candidate for promotion or a raise. Keep track of how far you've driven and how you've grown as a truck driver. This will help you as you prepare to approach your manager for a promotion or raise. It's always good to have hard numbers when having this conversation.

Help train new hires
This is a great way to show that you know your stuff. Training is a huge part of being a manager or supervisor, and if you can show that you are able to train and help out, you'll be able to show you're ready for the next steps. While you don't want to take this on as part of your job before it is, offering to step in temporarily or periodically can go a long way.

Let your supervisor know
Telling your manager or supervisor that you're interested in climbing the ranks at work can go a long way in receiving opportunities to do so. If you make it clear that you want to move up within the company, they can offer you guidance to do so and it may put you in the forefront of their mind when there is a promotion available (as long as you are doing the work to back it up). A great way to make sure you're on track is to come up with a plan with your supervisor. What kind of goals should you set to move up or make more? This is a question that shows your initiative and can help you get on track, knowing what is most important to your supervisor and how you can show them you're ready.

Following these tips, working hard, and communicating regularly with higher ups can all show that you're worth giving a promotion or raise to.

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