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These are the best parts about being a truck driver


One of the most appealing parts about truck driving is the freedom of working on your own.

There's a reason there are more than 3 million truck drivers employed in the United States, according to When it comes to choosing a profession, truck driving certainly has some positive elements. Depending on your priorities and what you value in a job, truck driving could be the right fit for you. If you're seeking something where you can get up and running quickly, maintain a sense of autonomy, and bring in good earnings, you might want to consider a career in truck driving.

Solid pay and benefits
According to Indeed, the average truck driver salary in 2022 is $70,414. This varies depending on the company, whether you're a solo driver or owner operator driver, how much you drive, and where you're based out of, but it should give you a general idea of the range you're looking at. This is well over the median annual wage in the United States.

Quick training
If you have your Commercial Driver's License, onboarding for a truck driving job should happen relatively quickly. There isn't much training required outside of the normal policies and procedures of a company, and soon enough you'll be on the road and earning money. Hiring managers should always make sure a driver is comfortable with the training they have received and is safe to get behind the wheel.

One of the most appealing parts about truck driving is the freedom of working on your own. More than most jobs, you're not reporting to a manager each day or being watched. You're trusted to get the job done in a safe and timely manner, and other than that you can have control over your day. Truckers have a great deal of flexibility within their day-to-day lives. In most cases, they're given a start date and time, a delivery date and time, and are responsible for getting the job done within those parameters.

The opportunity to see new places
While the tradeoff is long hours behind the wheel, one of the best parts about trucking is being able to travel. You're literally paid to do so! Drivers can take advantage of this and see places they never have before. If the schedule allows, they can make stops for quick exploration, and venture out more once they reach the final destination. In addition, they can enjoy the views of the country they get just by looking through the window.

Most trucking companies are hiring right now and many are offering bonuses. If these points appeal to you, it may be worth considering getting your commercial driver's license and embarking into the world of truck driving. You'll be able to travel, enjoy the freedom of working independently, make good money, and you can get started fast.

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