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4 tips to break burnout before it breaks you


4 tips to break burnout before it breaks you

Defined as physical, emotional or mental exhaustion that's fueled by stress from the sufferer's job, burnout is something that virtually everybody who works for a living experiences, be it occasionally or frequently. But it's particularly problematic in trucking. Due to a combination of factors that are contributing to a stressful work environment — like supply chain disruptions and persistently elevated demand, as well as the driver shortage — many truck drivers can attest to the hardship that burnout causes for them. It can even risk their safety as well as the physical well-being of other road users by compromising their their driving behaviors, according to the American Transportation Research Institute.

Given these facts, burnout is not something to ignore or pretend isn't happening. Ideally, you'll recognize the signs of it early on, or even better, implement behaviors that can douse the flames of burnout before they get out of your control.

Here are a few tips that can help you bypass burnout:

1. Take short but frequent breaks
Truck driving is a time-sensitive profession; everywhere you go, people are waiting for your arrival. But the "go-go-go" mentality isn't sustainable and may even result in an accident from the effects of mental, physical or emotional fatigue.

This is why it's important to work regular breaks into your schedule. Whether it's getting out of your cab to stretch after every hour or so or making a pit stop at a local rest area, brief but frequent breaks can recharge your batteries and may even get you to your destination faster than "sticking it out."

2. Take advantage of all your vacation time
There's a reason why so many Americans feels overwhelmed with their jobs; they work more than any other nation's people, according to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. The longer they're engaged in these stressful environments, the more likely it is they'll be affected by burnout.

"Vacations" are appropriately titled: They're for "vacating" from the routine, which for many is synonymous with a 40-or-more-hour workweek. Taking an extended vacation gives you the freedom to escape the stresses of truck driving so you can focus on the people, activities and experiences you enjoy. This respite from the routine provides you with the relaxation that can soothe or stamp out burnout before it becomes unmanageable.

3. Do something you enjoy every day
You shouldn't wait for your day off or the weekend to get involved or participate in something that brings you joy; do it every day. Whether it's watching a favorite television show, exercising, reading, going out to lunch or retail therapy, having something to look forward to every day can make those especially stressful days more tolerable.

4. Make a gratitude journal
Everyone has something going on in their lives that they can be grateful for, be it a healthy family, food to eat, stable income, or even a kind word. Try to reframe your perspective when things get challenging by thinking and writing about all the good that is happening for you. This can be especially important to do when we least want to do it.

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