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5 ways to draw attention to your trucking job openings


5 ways to draw attention to your trucking job openings

Before you can hire new truck drivers, you need to have new applicants — but if your job openings aren't drawing attention, you won't end up with a satisfactory pool of candidates. That can lead to positions being left open or even ill-fitting applicants ending up with a job they aren't very interested in. Instead of waiting for the right people to find your company, go out there and get their attention by making your job openings accurate, interesting and marketable with these tips.

1 Make it easy to apply
Easy-apply options give potential employees the opportunity to engage with your trucking company within minutes — which, in turn, means you turn leads into applications with ease. This also keeps job seekers from getting bored or distracted and giving up on the process before you even gather their contact information. Just make sure your applications are quick, simple and optimized for mobile devices.

2 Let job seekers know you're legit
According to the FBI, there were more than 16,000 complaints of employment-related scams in 2020. That means job seekers are likely to be at least somewhat wary of any job opening posted online — so your challenge is to put their minds at ease and prove you're a legitimate company. You can do this by providing easily accessible contact information, checking your job postings for spelling and grammar errors, and including links to social posts or employee interviews showing that your trucking company does, in fact, exist.

3 Write optimized job descriptions
Want job seekers to be able to find your trucking positions with ease? That's where search engine optimization comes in. When you write job descriptions with SEO in mind, you're using keywords and popular query terms in ways that make search engines trust your website. That way, your posts will rank more highly and will be among the first things potential employees see when they go job-hunting.

4 Leverage all of your digital channels
From video blogs to conversations on social media, your digital channels can be an excellent tool for drawing attention to your trucking job openings. This strategy utilizes the followers you've already gained and may help drive traffic to your website, your job postings or even your front doors. Remember to include links back to the job posting or application so interested parties can become real candidates.

5 Ask your team to help out
When it comes to spreading the word about job postings, there's no resource quite like the people you've already hired, according to Small Business Trends. Your truckers know all about your culture, values, benefits and hiring process, and they probably know others interested in the industry, too — so enlist them to help out in the search for potential employees. Ask them to share posts on social media, interview them for trucker spotlights on your website, and, if they bring in that perfect new hire, offer referral bonuses to encourage them to keep representing your company to job seekers.

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