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7 ways to show job seekers you prioritize trucker health


7 ways to show job seekers you prioritize trucker health

It's not always easy to eat right and stay active on the road, which is why truckers rely on companies like yours to offer a little support while they're behind the wheel. This is especially important when it comes to job seekers, who want to hear from current employees and see on digital channels that you actively work to support trucker health. Here are seven ways to show potential employees that your trucking company is all about healthy living.

1) Offer wellness tips
Wellness tips about topics like exercise, hydration or nutrition can help show truckers that you care enough to invest time and thought in their health. Providing this type of discussion also gives you the chance to encourage a culture of teamwork between drivers, even when everyone is out on their own routes.

2) Listen to your truckers' concerns
According to Inc., one of the best ways to create a healthy work environment is to simply listen. Truckers know the challenges they face, questions they have and support they need — so if you want job seekers to hear about how people-focused and health-conscious your company is, start by asking the right questions.

3) Bring focus to your health care coverage
Highlighting health care coverage or wellness packages in your job descriptions is a great way to show job seekers that this detail is important to you — so important, in fact, that you want them to know about it before they've even applied. This helps potential employees see that you're proud of the way you treat your truckers.

4) Protect mental health too
Whether built-in to your health care coverage or as part of your company culture, prioritizing and destigmatizing mental health topics can show job seekers that you're invested in every element of trucker well-being. It's also a good way to give your company a reputation for being socially responsible.

5) Research the latest updates
The health care world is always changing — so your approaches should be too. Show employees, both current and potential, that you're always aware of the latest updates, wellness topics and health care concerns impacting truckers.

6) Provide reliable equipment
According to the Budd Group, providing reliable equipment is a concrete way to prioritize employee health. This can be as simple as equipping your fleet with updated GPS technology or as intricate as investing in newer truck models with higher safety ratings. Your truckers won't expect the latest and greatest, but they'll appreciate upgrades that keep them safer and more comfortable on the road — and so will job seekers interested in work that doesn't jeopardize their health.

7) Help truckers feel responsible for their health
Even the best company isn't totally in control of employee health. That's why it's important to make truckers feel comfortable and confident taking control of their own health choices on the road. Part of this involves creating an open, supportive culture where truckers feel encouraged to make the best choices for their own needs, but it's also important to provide resources when necessary — for example, highlighting healthy meal options on each route.

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