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6 things job seekers want to know about your trucking company


6 things job seekers want to know about your trucking company

As trucking job seekers search for openings that match their skills, they're also looking for companies that align with their values. There are a few things they'll want to know up front — and, to keep their interest and persuade them to apply, you'll want to answer those questions as quickly as possible. Here are six things job seekers want to know about your trucking company and how to effectively communicate that information.

1 What your expectations are
Most new employees want to perform well and make a good first impression, and truckers are no exception. To do that, they need clear descriptions of your expectations — preferably before they even apply. That way, they'll know how to put their best foot forward during interviews and, if chosen for the position, make their first few days count.

2 Whether the benefits are competitive
Benefits —from pay rates to PTO — are a big part of any job seeker's search criteria. To show truckers that you plan to compensate them fairly, make sure it's clear in your job description and on your website's Careers page that your benefits make the job particularly attractive.

3 How you train your employees
Whether they have years of experience or are fresh out of truck-driving school, your potential employees will want to know what your company's training procedures entail. According to Entrepreneur, an important part of this process is helping truckers stay up to date on the latest technology. You don't have to explain every minute of your training process in the job description or even in a phone screening, but it is an important topic to cover during interviews.

4 What their first days will look like
Commercial Carrier Journal explains that potential trucking employees tend to have questions about their first days on the job. From orientation and meet-and-greets to primary goals and training materials, new hires have a lot to handle — so set them up for success by telling them what to expect before even offering them the position.

5 How you treat your drivers
To show job seekers that your priorities are in the right place, it often helps to have existing employees discuss roles and experiences with the applicants you're most seriously considering. This doesn't just answer questions about driver treatment — it also shows that your company has nothing to hide when it comes to reputation.

6 Whether you support driver wellbeing
Truck drivers want to know they'll be working for a company that cares about them as people. This goes beyond health care coverage or staff mixers; when researching your company, truckers want to find that you listen to your employees, offer support and guidance through new or complicated tasks, create wellness programs to encourage physical and mental health, and do your utmost to support the human beings behind the wheel.

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