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5 ideas to get young people interested in trucking


5 ideas to get young people interested in trucking

Trucking is one of the sectors with the fastest-aging workforces in the U.S., and that poses a problem for freight companies. With many drivers leaving the industry and relatively few coming in to replace them, it's difficult to keep operating at the same capacity, even as demand for shipping services rises appreciably.

For that reason, it will be vital to be able to connect with young people and entice them to work for your company on an ongoing basis. The following tips should help you do just that:

1) Look at recently returned veterans

One group of millennials and Gen Zers that could be particularly interested in working in the trucking industry is recently returned veterans, according to Fleet Clean USA. There are thousands of them across the country and they may be looking for fun, exciting and engaging job opportunities that allow them to earn above-average wages. Targeting them with your advertising messages can be a great way to boost interest.

2) Talk about how safe and driver-friendly the job is

Younger people today are more conscious about on-the-job safety and may not always see driving a truck as particularly safe or engaging in the way they may envision more localized careers to be, Fleet Clean USA noted. As such, you should be sure to tout your safety record and provide testimonials from current drivers extolling what they like about the job.

3) Advertise digitally — with a specific pitch

You no doubt cast a wide net in your search for employees, and that can certainly include online listings — but you may need to do more to reach young adults where they "hang out" online, according to Truck Insurance Quotes. Social media-based job listings that specifically target young people can go a long way toward increasing their interest in the positions you have available.

4) Make it easier to apply and get a CDL license

You should also be quick to highlight all the ways in which it is easy to become a driver for your company, Truck Insurance Quotes said. That starts with a quick and easy online application process, as well as the promise that you will help them get their CDL licenses and the other training they may need. That lack of licensure can be the biggest hurdle for interested drivers to overcome, so you would be wise to highlight how you're going to smooth out that process for them.

5) Highlight the work-life balance you provide for your drivers

Finally, keep in mind that younger people today tend to highly value a work-life balance, and they may therefore think negatively of trucking as the kind of job that will keep them away from home for days or weeks at a time, according to Drive My Way. That's a perception gap your company — and the industry at large — has to overcome to keep attracting workers today. The more you can do to make the kind of balance they want viable, the better off you and your employees will be going forward.

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