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5 ways freight companies can improve recruiting


5 ways freight companies can improve recruiting

In the trucking industry, attracting and retaining talent has never been more difficult. As a consequence, your company has to do more to make sure it can stand out from the crowd to keep engaging current employees and prospective hires alike, and keep a steady flow of talent coming through your doors. Of course, if you've been in the industry for awhile now, you know that's far more easily said than done.

Fortunately, the following tips should help you improve your standing in the eyes of would-be employees and current drivers, all of which can help ensure that you never go wanting for more drivers:

1) Make your rates, bonuses and benefits more competitive

Often, the single most important factor in determining whether someone will work for you is how you compensate them, according to Keep Truckin. Today, that might include signing bonuses, higher per-mile pay and the promise of more nights at home, at a bare minimum. While you may not necessarily be swimming in money to make such offers, keep in mind that more non-financial perks can also be a big selling point even if you can't keep up with monetary benefits provided by bigger competitors.

2) Be willing to train

Those in the freight industry often bemoan the lack of highly qualified truckers, and that's certainly a problem — but it's one you can overcome with a willingness to train new hires, Keep Truckin said. If someone is coming to you interested in the industry, going through the effort of helping them obtain their CDL license can help you ensure you have a steady flow of new hires.

3) Start a referral program

Today, the truckers who work for you will typically quite enjoy working for your company and it can be a good idea to ask them for any recommendations of friends or family who might also be able to succeed in the industry, according to Randall Reilly. Providing both the referrer and the potential hire with a financial bonus after a few months of good work on the job can help broaden your hiring pool in ways you might not have expected.

4) Boost your brand — specific to the driver

You may always be working to improve your brand so that your company is better-known both inside and outside the industry, but you may need to do more to ensure you can also boost your hiring efforts, Randall Reilly added. If you begin advertising how driver-friendly your company is, perhaps with testimonials from your current employees, you can help prospective hires become more interested in working for you.

5) Talk to old employees

Finally, you are no doubt aware that this industry has a high turnover rate and many workers decide to pull out of it at some point — but they might not be done with trucking forever, according to Drive My Way. On occasion, you may want to get in touch with those old drivers and see if they are interested in coming back into the fold, perhaps with the help of some boosted salary, benefits or other worthwhile perks.

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