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7 ways to make your loading dock safer this spring


7 ways to make your loading dock safer this spring

Spring is here and that means that many homeowners and businesses across the country are doing a deep clean on their spaces to get everything ready for the nicer weather that awaits in April and May. As a trucker, you undoubtedly eat, sleep and do business inside your cab for a good portion of any given month, so you would be wise to give your big rig the same treatment.

The question you may have is where to begin? If this is something you're serious about, you can follow these steps to get that new-truck feeling without spending the money:

1) Load up on supplies

As with any work you take on in life, you need the right tools for the job, and that certainly goes for spring cleaning, according to Iowa 80. Your purchases should include microfiber cloths, wax, dusters, glass cleaner, disinfectant wipes and more should all be readily at hand — not only during your spring cleaning efforts, but on an ongoing basis.

2) Get rid of the wrappers

As a trucker, you certainly have stopped at many takeout restaurants and eaten in your cab, but if you're not proactive about tossing the wrappers, bags and cups, the buildup can be significant, Iowa 80 said. Now is the time to toss out everything you've let accumulate over the past several months and vacuum out the areas around that trash.

3) Give the exterior a good scrubbing

Especially if you did a lot of driving in states with severe winter weather, your truck probably took a bigger beating than you realize, according to Smart Trucking. As such, you need to give the exterior a very serious deep clean, making sure any built up dirt, mud, grime, salt and more is fully cleaned off.

4) Address any rust

When you do that kind of exterior cleaning, you will no doubt encounter rust on your vehicle, Smart Trucking added. Using a rust remover product and making sure to more properly protect the affected areas (such as with a layer of wax or fresh coat of paint) could solve a lot of your problems.

5) Wash your bedding

One thing too many truckers neglect to do is swap out and wash their sheets, blankets, pillowcases and more regularly, according to GTG Technology Group. Over time, they can get pretty gross, even without you noticing, so now is definitely the time to wash them all — or just replace them with new ones.

6) Organize your storage space

When you're cleaning your cab from top to bottom, it can be a good idea to make the whole space more organized, GTG Technology Group advised. Make sure everything has its own designated spot in your various drawers and compartments, and then be diligent about putting items where they belong.

7) Swap out any beat-up old equipment

If you've been on the road for years, you probably have some tools and equipment that has seen better days, GTG Technology Group recommended. Take a look at everything you use regularly and see if you would be better served to buy a replacement.

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