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9 ways to protect your credit card when you're on the road


9 ways to protect your credit card when you're on the road

When a trucker hits the road, they do so knowing they will have to break out their credit cards on a regular basis for food, fuel and plenty of other necessary items throughout the trip. However, this might open them up to potential risk of financial fraud.

The following tips should help you avoid those hazards and keep you going strong for many miles to come:

1) Only bring the cards you need

First and foremost, only bring the cards you plan to use over the course of your trip, according to Keeping all your credit or debit cards in your wallet gives you more stuff to keep track of, so leave the things you won't need in a safe place back home.

2) Know your fraud protection policies

Once you know what card(s) you are going to carry, do some research into how you will be able to respond to fraud, said. Many card issuers will let you file a claim weeks after the fraud takes place, but you should know the specifics of each agreement going in.

3) Keep your wallet close at hand

The simplest way to avoid many kinds of fraud in a life on the road is to make sure you're not setting your wallet down somewhere and going about your business, further cautioned. Keep it with you and you'll avoid a lot of headaches.

4) Be aware of where you use your cards

There are plenty of places where you should have no reason to suspect a potential fraud problem, but you might sometimes use a card in a place that isn't safe, according to Award Wallet. For instance, some roadside shops or gas stations could put you at risk. As such, you should keep track of everywhere you use your card.

5) Keep an eye on your accounts

Another thing to keep track of is your account balance, Award Wallet noted. Use a smartphone app or sign into your online account and make sure there aren't any purchases you don't recognize.

6) If you're really worried, carry cash

A great way to avoid potential hazards to your credit card accounts on the road is to pay in cash when you're in doubt about a business, Award Wallet added. If things seem shady, hand over a few bills and get a receipt.

7) Set up text alerts

Most credit cards allow you to get a text alert asking you to confirm a transaction, or just alerting you that one has been made, according to If you just made a purchase, no problem. But if you get such a text and haven't used your card in a while, that's a good warning.

8) Keep cards somewhere safe

If you're worried about a card going missing, especially if you're parked overnight or otherwise spending a few hours in one place, keep them somewhere safe when they're not being used, warned. For instance, having a safe in your cab could be that extra layer of protection you need.

9) Don't take your eye off the card

Finally, because there are still situations where someone takes your card out of your hands (such as at restaurants or drive-thru windows), you should watch it like a hawk, advised. This way, you can spot any potentially untoward behavior.

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