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6 important trucker dieting tips


6 important trucker dieting tips

Every single day, truckers are likely to pass by a lot of places where the food tastes great, but it certainly isn't all that healthy. For that reason and others (including how much sitting they do every day), pro haulers may need to put a little more priority on eating right and trying to be a little healthier in their daily habits.

It may not sound easy, but some planning and the following tips should help you eat better and shed some pounds at the same time:

1) Stick to unfried poultry and fish

Everyone loves a good burger or fried chicken, but they probably also know those favorites aren't good for you, according to Knight Transportation. Meat is an important part of many diets, but those specific kinds of meats are not. Instead, try to eat grilled or baked fish and lean poultry whenever possible, as this gives you the nutrition you want without any of the bad stuff.

2) Change your snacking habits

Another classic pitfall of a trucker's diet is the amount of sugary and salty snacks that are available in every truck stop from Maine to California, Knight Transportation advised. Simply put, if you want to eat healthy, you have to either limit consumption severely or cut it out entirely. There are plenty of healthy snacks out there, and a little trial and error will help you find the ones you like.

3) Add more fresh fruit to your diet

Fresh fruit like an apple, pear or orange is usually readily available at truck stops and convenience stores across the country, and they're a great snack to lean on, according to Of course, you can't live on apples alone, but as part of a more balanced diet, they can always hit the spot.

4) Pack your meals

If you want to avoid the many unhealthy food options at fast food places, the easiest way to do so is by preparing your own meals whenever you can, said. If you have some homemade sandwiches in your fridge or cooler, you don't have to resort to unhealthy meals because they're the only option available.

5) Eat smaller meals more often

Often, truckers will only have one or two meals on the road per day, simply because they don't always feel like they have time to do things differently, according to Trucking Info. As such, they are usually quite hungry when it's time to eat, and they load up on food as a result. But that's not a good idea, because it's harder for your body to process those huge meals all at once. Instead, if you have three or four smaller meals throughout the day, it's easier to digest everything and you won't be as hungry.

6) Try to go plant-based for more meals

As mentioned, meat isn't always healthy for you and a good way to avoid overdoing it when it comes to eating that food is to, well, not eat that food, Trucking Info added. If you can have even a few more plant-based meals throughout the week (such as a salad), your body will be better off for it.

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