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6 steps for truckers to reduce injury risk


6 steps for truckers to reduce injury risk

Truckers tend to be pretty tough, but their job brings with it a lot of natural injury risk as well. For that reason, it's important that truckers do everything in their power to mitigate that risk, because while it's one thing to "tough out" even a minor injury, it's always preferable to not have to deal with one in the first place.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways truckers can reduce injury risk and simultaneously keep doing their jobs just as effectively. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Sit smarter

Having a good posture behind the wheel is a great way to avoid aches and pains of all kinds, without doing much else, according to Truckers Training. However, it might not always feel natural, and as such, you might need to be a little more conscious of when you're slouching. Luckily, there are things you can purchase for your seat that will help encourage a better posture.

2) Get more rest

A lot of injuries in the trucking industry come because you have overexerted yourself or tried to work through little aches and pains that were actually warning signs of a bigger problem, Truckers Training cautioned. Consequently, making sure you get enough rest every night — not only for sleep, but also to help your body recover from the rigors of the job — is always a good idea.

3) Invest in proper footwear

Often, truckers will wear comfortable sneakers to do their jobs, but that's not always a great idea, either, according to Trucking Info. Many sneakers don't provide as much foot support as you need, and the fact that they're relatively soft means that if you drop something on your foot, it could do serious damage. Wearing sneakers in the cab is fine, but heavy-duty boots or shoes when you're actually working are a must.

4) Climb down from even small heights

Truckers may think it's fine to jump down from their trucks, loading docks or other relatively small drops, but it's not a good idea, Trucking Info added. For one thing, you might land wrong and twist an ankle, but for another, the shock of that jump can have a bigger impact on your body than you realize. Take it easy getting down from these heights, and your body will thank you.

5) Stretch more often

A lot of truckers' average musculoskeletal injuries happen because the body hasn't been properly warmed up for some of the hard work that comes with the job, according to GTG Technology Group. Quickly going from sitting for hours at a time to intense physical exertion is inadvisable at best and dangerous at worst. A few minutes of light exercise and simple stretching before you tackle an arduous task is always a good idea.

6) Don't try to work through a small injury

If you have a little ache or pain, and try to push through, it could end up in a more serious and painful injury that truly sidelines you, GTG Technology Group said. Whenever you feel a twinge, you might want to explore your options for treating it effectively.

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