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7 common injuries truckers suffer on the job


7 common injuries truckers suffer on the job

As you likely know full well, truck drivers face a lot of risks in the course of their daily work, and some of those hazards can result in injuries both small and large. As a result, you should certainly aim to be careful on the road and elsewhere, but knowing some of the most common injuries you're likely to face could help you change all the proper behaviors to avoid risk.

Those include the following injury hazards:

1) Pushing yourself too hard

Overexertion is a big issue on the road, in a number of ways, according to Trucker Path. For instance, if you aren't getting enough sleep but try to "power through it," that presents its own problems, but the same is definitely true of trying to do too much when carrying, pushing or pulling heavy items. If you feel like you can't accomplish a task - even if it's something you do regularly -  ask for help rather than try to do it all yourself.

2) Repetitive stress injuries

As a trucker, the number of movements you make in a day may be limited, but if you do the same ones over and over every day, repetitive stress injury risk increases, Trucker Path said. In those cases, you might be wise to either change your movements or invest in protective gear (like a wrist brace) to reduce that risk.

3) Slips and trips

There are plenty of things you can slip or trip on as a trucker, from ice to debris left on a warehouse floor, according to United World Transportation. While you should certainly be more cautious about where you step as a general rule, you might also need to invest in better, heavy-duty footwear.

4) Musculoskeletal injuries

As with overexertion and repetitive stress, if you're not properly caring for your body over time, your risk of strains, twists, pulls and even breaks may rise, United World Transportation added. For that reason, you need to be careful with your physical well-being and talk to your doctor at least once or twice a year.

5) Getting hit by something

Whether it's passing traffic, falling items or sliding crates, you may need to be a little more careful about your surroundings on an ongoing basis, United World Transportation cautioned. A surprising number of trucker injuries happen because of an unexpected strike from some sort of large object, but even a small, loose rock hit in the right way could cause a serious injury.

6) Letting small injuries linger

Truckers tend to be pretty tough, but it's just not smart to try to deal with a small injury over a long period of time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A little tweak here, a little twinge there, and suddenly that minor ache and pain can turn into a major injury if you're not careful.

7) Accidents on the road

Obviously, the biggest risk truckers may face is that they can hit something on the nation's roadways - or something could hit them, the CDC further noted. While the obvious solution is to be more attentive behind the wheel, it's also critical to take all reasonable precautions to protect yourself in the event of an unavoidable crash, such as wearing a seatbelt 100% of the time.

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