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6 ways truckers can reduce their stress


6 ways truckers can reduce their stress

These days, just about everyone seems to be feeling a little more anxiety in their daily lives, and that might be particularly true for truckers. Not only are there the normal concerns that come with a life on the road, but added issues related to health, proper social distancing and so on can all add to the average pro hauler's worries.

So now, truckers might be wondering how they can de-stress and feel better as they continue to get the job done. The following tips should help:

1) Take some time to literally relax

When we feel mentally stressed, that often manifests in physical stress, according to TCS Fuel. We clench our jaws, tighten our shoulders and otherwise carry more tension in our bodies, often without realizing it. As such, when you're feeling a little high-strung, think about the effect it has on your body and try to relax those tensed muscles. You might be surprised at how nice it feels.

2) Give yourself a few seconds

Trucking is a demanding job and it isn't always easy to avoid getting worked up, TCS Fuel advised. But if that anxious feeling starts to arise, take notice of it and then just let it pass. Just taking the time to count to 10 in your head should help you refocus so you're not as worried about the things that are causing tension.

3) Take some deep breaths

Along similar lines, something as simple as taking two or three deep breaths when you've got those negative feelings is another great diversionary tactic, according to Duncan Trucking Ltd. This, too, requires you to take your mind off the stuff that's giving you tension and lets you concentrate on something internal. Often, this is referred to as "mindfulness" because it requires you to be aware of your physical and mental state. It takes work, but once you've figured it out, it becomes very easy to sidestep these issues.

4) Don't worry about things you can't control

Every trucker - and all other motorists, for that matter - has been stressed out because they're running late and stuck in traffic, Duncan Trucking added. But ask yourself this: Where does that feeling get you? You can't do anything to magically clear up a traffic jam, so use the time to just listen to your favorite album or an audiobook to take your mind off it.

5) Try to get a few minutes of exercise each day

Again, physical and mental wellness are closely tied to each other, according to Cover Wallet. For that reason, if you dedicate yourself to just a few minutes - 15 or 20 is often plenty - of medium-impact exercise like push-ups, jumping jacks or jogging, you will see your mental state improve naturally over time. Exercise releases brain chemicals that make you feel better.

6) Try to sleep well

Finally, it's hard to beat a good night's sleep for a lot of reasons, including the big positive impact on your mental health, Cover Wallet said. When we're running on too little sleep, we may be more likely to snap, but with a solid eight hours, it's usually easier to handle the ups and downs of the job.

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