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6 ways to boost driver morale


6 ways to boost driver morale

When you're trying to get more out of your drivers and want to ensure they remain motivated during a long life on the road, there are more than a few considerations that go into it. The fact is that drivers may not always have a clear idea of what companies want from them, or what needs to be done to go above and beyond their everyday goals.

Clear direction and the following steps could help you get more productivity out of every driver you employ:

1) Give them just-right goals and bonuses to hit

Perhaps the most straightforward thing you can do to make your drivers feel better about the work they do (and become more motivated) is clearly define what you want from them on a weekly or monthly basis, according to Fleetroot. Of course, many companies already do this in one way or another, but often set benchmarks or goals that put a lot of stress on drivers, so finding milestones that are more attainable - with stretch goals that can lead them to more compensation if they push themselves - is often a better idea.

2) Give them the best available equipment

Many truckers who don't own their rigs and use those provided by freight companies may often find the available vehicles or associated equipment inadequate to achieving their goals, Fleetroot said. For that reason, if your company puts a little more investment into newer vehicles or upgraded equipment, that can help keep drivers happy, and stop them from looking for other opportunities.

3) Keep communications easy and clear

A constant source of frustration for many drivers is that they do not always have open lines of communication that allow them to do their jobs as well as possible, according to Vnomics. When instructions are unclear or change without enough new information, pro haulers aren't likely to be too satisfied with the situation. Making sure more is done to keep them in the loop, and let them get in touch with you as needed, will go a long way toward boosting morale.

4) Provide opportunities to grow

Truckers may be perfectly happy living a life on the road for many years, but in other situations, as they get older or their life circumstances change, they may be looking for other career paths, Vnomics added. Making sure your drivers know you are more than willing to provide them those new avenues - such as moving into dispatch or management - will help them feel more confident about sticking with you for years to come.

5) Come through in times of need

Especially at times like these, financial insecurity is at front of mind for millions of Americans - but it shouldn't be that way with your drivers, according to Fleet Clean. The more your company does to offer high pay and excellent benefits to drivers, the better off you will be when it comes to attracting and retaining talent on an ongoing basis.

6) Give non-monetary incentives

Even if you can't provide raises and improve benefits with great frequency, there are still ways to incentivize great work, Fleet Clean advised. That could include more days at home between runs, right of first refusal for shorter runs and the like.

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