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5 tips for better snacking on the road


5 tips for better snacking on the road

Any trucker can tell you that the temptation to load up on chips, candy, energy drinks and soda on a daily basis is often too strong to resist. However, if you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle on the road, resisting is critical to achieving your goals.

How can you do it? Try these snacking tips, designed to make sure you get your fill without busting your calorie limits:

1) Pack your snacks before you leave

One of the biggest ways you're tempted to snack on unhealthy treats is when you pull into a gas station or truck stop and see shelves stocked with items you love, but aren't exactly the best for your health goals, according to American Trucker. To avoid that feeling - especially if your stomach is rumbling - you should have plenty of snacks in your truck chosen before heading out , making sure they're as healthy as possible.

2) Portion them out

Another classic snacking mistake - even with generally healthy foods - is eating too much of them at once, American Trucker said. That not only depletes all the reserves you packed, but also can negate some of the benefits of going with low-calorie, low-sugar treats. Portioning them out carefully beforehand, so you can be satisfied without going overboard, is critical.

3) Don't be afraid to snack when you're hungry

It's always a good idea to listen to your body - if you're hungry, you should eat, according to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. However, if you're worried about your caloric intake adding up quickly, snack small throughout the day. Combining that effort with portion control will help you keep your hunger pangs to a minimum.

4) Find healthy snacks you actually like

One of the big hurdles many people have with healthier snacks is that they don't think those offerings taste all that good, the VA advised. However, given the wide variety of options now available, there's almost certainly something that will appeal to you. All it might take is a little bit of experimentation to find more than a few options you actually love, and will be happy to snack on for many miles to come. 

5) Use water as your beverage of choice

While it doesn't have the scientifically engineered great flavors of soda and energy drinks, water is still the best thing you can possibly drink on the road, according to Trucking Info. It's filling, helps your body function more efficiently, and doesn't have any of the "crashes" associated with heavily sugared or caffeinated beverages. And if you miss the fizz or flavor of those other drinks, try a seltzer instead. These days, the varieties available just about everywhere will give you ample opportunity to find something you like.

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