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6 ways to keep yourself entertained with a life on the road


6 ways to keep yourself entertained with a life on the road

Truckers spend a lot of time alone, whether it's behind the wheel, waiting for their trailers to be loaded or unloaded, at truck stops, in parking lots and more. There has to be something you use to fill these hours, and fortunately, modern technology is there to help in a number of ways.

These are just some of the great ideas to help keep yourself entertained as you navigate the nation's highways and byways:

1) Go with audiobooks - or the regular kind

Whether you're actively driving or parked for the night, it's hard to beat a good book for pure entertainment and engagement, according to Truck Drivers Saving Money. Today, there are audiobook subscription services online, or you can take them out from your local library back home. Supplementing them with a physical copy to read at night isn't a bad idea either.

2) Subscribe to satellite radio or streaming services

If you find that it's hard to commit to listening to just one thing on a given drive, satellite radio or audio streaming services are the answer, Truck Drivers Saving Money added. They will provide hours of entertainment, whether you're looking for music, comedy, news, talk or just about anything else. Podcasts can help fill those voids, too. 

3) Bring a deck of cards with you

Another great way to pass the time when you're parked for the night is to head into the dining area of a truck stop and find a few fellow haulers to play cards, according to Solid Signal. What better way to pass a few hours, share plenty of laughs and otherwise have a good time than with a game of Texas hold 'em or blackjack for anyone who wants in? Best of all, this really doesn't require any kind of significant or ongoing investment.

4) Watch live TV

Just like audio streaming services, there are plenty of sites you can watch live TV on your computer or other connected device, Solid Signal noted. That way, you can enjoy another game from your favorite team, watch the news of the day, and never miss your favorite shows.

5) Take up gaming

If you have your computer with you, or if you have a TV in your sleeper, a little gaming is a great way to spend some time, according to Trucking Truth. Whether you want to take up a solo campaign in a medieval world of magic or play a first-person shooter with some friends thanks to a solid internet connection, you can unlock hundreds of hours of entertainment.

6) Talking to family and friends

If you're bringing your computer along for the trip anyway, it's always a good idea to spend some time connecting with friends and family via video chats and social media, Trucking Truth said. This way, you can share a meal with someone thousands of miles away, watch a movie together, or otherwise just have a nice conversation with your loved ones.

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