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6 trucker exercise tips as spring arrives


6 trucker exercise tips as spring arrives

Spring is a time when many people begin working out in earnest again, because the weather is better and days are longer. That opportunity - and incentive - exists for truckers as well, even if the options for getting a solid workout are more limited with a life on the road.

If you're serious about getting into better shape this spring, the following tips should help you or any other trucker achieve your fitness goals:

1) Get an app to track your progress

Perhaps the best way to stay on the right track when it comes to working out is to download a smartphone app that will help you monitor your efforts, according to All Trucking. Simply put, there are a lot of these apps available, for every type of fitness goal, and many will help you not only track your progress, but also establish benchmarks based on your specific efforts, body type and so on.

2) Invest in the right equipment

Once you know what you want to do and the app is advising you on what kinds of workouts you should do, it's time to get the right equipment, All Trucking said. There's a lot of fitness gear - such as kettlebells and resistance bands - that are easily stored in a tractor trailer, and getting a pair of high-quality sneakers to work out in is also advisable to reduce wear and tear on your body.

3) Stay consistent and work out every day

It's not always easy to work out every single day, but even if you do 15 minutes of relatively low-impact stretches or calisthenics, it will be a net positive, according to Men's Health. Getting into the right mindset is just as important to fitness as having the right goals, so making it part of your daily routine is always a good idea.

4) Make sure you're properly fueled - before and after

A healthy diet and proper hydration should always accompany a good workout, Men's Health added. That means you need to look into the right kinds of foods and drinks to help you get to your goals, whether you're trying to add muscle mass or just slim down. A little research and the care to make sure you have the right fuel on hand will go a long way.

5) Remember even little things help

Sometimes, when truckers are spending at least 10 hours behind the wheel everyday, workouts aren't going to seem feasible or easy to accomplish, according to ABC News. But you don't have to run a mile every day to exercise; something as simple as doing stretches while you're in your driver's seat or getting in 20 pushups before you go to sleep will help you stay on task.

6) Make sure you sleep well

Finally, good sleep is something you should always strive for, but it's especially important when you're working toward fitness goals, ABC News noted. Making sure you're properly rested will help your body stay in all the right rhythms, and help keep you mentally fresh as well.

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