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6 things all truckers should keep in their cabs this winter


6 things all truckers should keep in their cabs this winter

As truckers traverse the nation's highways and byways in late autumn and into the cold winter months, the number of risks associated with the job can increase significantly. For that reason, pro haulers need to pack their cabs carefully, so that no matter what happens, they are prepared to spend as much as a few days on the side of the road.

The following items are all must-haves for your cabs this winter, so you can stay safe and comfortable no matter what sidelines you:

1) Stuff to keep you warm

While you have likely packed some warmer clothes for your winter drives, you might need more stuff than that to stay warm if you're stuck for a day or two, according to Team Run Smart. An additional heavy blanket, an extra pair of wool socks, a sleeping bag and the like will all be good options to have available.

2) Extra food and water

Even in the best weather, it's always good to have some nutritious, non-perishable food items that you actually enjoy eating in your cab just in case you get a craving between stops, Team Run Smart advised. But this is even more important in winter because you never know how long you might end up stuck somewhere. A few days' worth of food and plenty of water are key to have prepared. 

3) Tools

In addition to tire chains and other vital winter-specific stuff you will likely have on hand, it's also a good idea to have other tools with you, according to Trucking Info. Things like a Swiss Army knife, duct tape, can openers, lighters and so on can all come in extremely handy.

4) Bags of sand and road salt

It may be inevitable that you find yourself stuck in a situation where you can't get traction with your tires; having a good amount of sand, as well as road salt to melt snow and ice, can go a long way, Trucking Info added. Even a small bag of each stowed away in your cab could help get you out of a tough situation.

5) A first-aid kit

This is the kind of thing you should have at all times anyway, but now is the time to replenish any medical supplies you've used in the past several months, and also possibly add things like hand warmers, according to Northwest Tank Lines. You simply can't afford to risk a medical issue if first responders can't get to you easily.

6) Everything to cover your personal needs

Finally, no two truckers are exactly alike when it comes to the stuff they need to get through the average day, Northwest Tank Lines said. If you take medication every day, make sure you have an extra couple of days' worth on hand, just in case. Along similar lines, if you wear contact lenses, it's important to have an extra pair, or just some glasses, so you can always see clearly.

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