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5 key pieces of winter weather gear for any trucker


5 key pieces of winter weather gear for any trucker

Even though it's still only October, there are some parts of the country where the weather is starting to dip below freezing overnight. That certainly signals that widespread winter weather could arrive any time now, and truckers may need to do more to ensure they're fully prepared.

While the big rigs themselves might be fully set up to handle snow and ice that's starting to show up with greater frequency in various regions nationwide, drivers need to make sure they're fully protected from the elements as well. That starts with the following:

1) Extra winter clothing

You never know when you're going to need an extra layer or two stowed away somewhere in your cab, according to the legal firm Kane & Silverman P.C. Some spare gloves, a jacket that can stand up to tough conditions and a winter hat will all serve you well any time you have to get out of the truck during colder weather or storms.

2) Blankets

Especially if you're going to be sleeping in your truck overnight, an extra blanket is going to come in handy when temperatures really start dipping, Kane & Silverman added. They can also be helpful in case you get stuck somewhere for a day or more. They can even just keep you warm by draping it across your shoulders or over your lap during a drive. Particularly when it comes to blankets you'll use for sleep, a heavy one may be advisable.

3) Instant hand warmer packs

In situations where you can't wear a pair of gloves, it helps to have some hand warmers in your pockets, according to Stuffed Suitcase. These will keep your hands, and fingers from growing painfully cold, and are usually available in a number of different sizes and varieties at truck stops or online. They're a great investment for any trucker.

4) Another pair of boots

It's hard to beat a pair of insulated, waterproof boots as part of your winter wardrobe, Stuffed Suitcase said. You may wear heavy-duty shoes or boots as part of your normal trucker duties, but because of wet winter weather, you may need to upgrade at this time of year. Keeping your feet warm is key to you staying happy and healthy on the road, so this is the kind of investment where you really can't afford to cut corners.

5) A first aid and emergency kit

It's always a good idea to have these kinds of things on hand anyway, but they become especially important during the winter months, according to Roadtrippers. Accident risk can rise due to snow, ice and even heavy winter winds, and so can the risk of truckers getting stuck on the road for a few days. Having some extra non-perishable food items, water and first-aid supplies on hand will help keep you safe when these problems arise.

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