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6 ways for truckers to reduce stress on the road


6 ways for truckers to reduce stress on the road

A trucker's job is never easy, even when things are going smoothly, and as such this can be a job that comes with its fair share of stress. While some drivers may feel as though there's nothing you can do to combat this work stress, that's simply not the case.

In fact, the following tips should help any trucker get a better handle on these feelings and enjoy their life on the road that much more:

1) Turn on the right music

Music can be a great mood-setter no matter how you're feeling, but once you're starting to feel stressed, it's a good idea to switch up the playlist, according to Truck Wash. Everyone has different tastes in music, but you almost certainly know what songs, artists or even genres allow you to take the edge off and ease into a state of some relaxation. Whether that's Bob Marley, Dolly Parton or Phoebe Bridgers, pick your favorite and go from there.

2) Take a deep breath

It can be easy to overlook how much a simple breathing exercise will help truckers — or anyone else — relax but something as simple as taking some deep breaths is a great way to do it, Truck Wash added. Think of it this way: In nature, if you are stressed, you aren't taking the time to breathe deeply, so resetting your mental state to reassure yourself that you're safe and secure can be a big help.

3) Give yourself time to meditate

Along similar lines to taking deep breaths, it can be helpful to take some time for yourself and eliminate your distractions so you can really focus on how you're feeling, according to Planet Freight. Something as simple as being able to sit, close your eyes and think can go a long way toward helping you feel better.

4) Get more exercise

A great way to make sure your brain gets all the chemicals it needs to keep you feeling good is to exercise every single day, Planet Freight advised. You don't have to run a marathon or bench press hundreds of pounds to get some results. A little jogging or walking, or just doing some jumping jacks and pushups, can get the blood flowing and improve your mood.

5) Sleep better

Your sleep schedule has a major impact on your mood, whether you know it or not, according to For that reason, if you find you're not sleeping all that well, it's time to change things up. Something like going to bed earlier, investing more in your bedding or even taking melatonin pills will help you get a good night's sleep and improve your awake time.

6) Eat well

Of course, it's also more difficult to sleep when you've loaded up your body with fatty, fried foods, because your digestive system has to work overtime to process it all, said. But when you eat a healthy dinner, all that food is easier to handle, and can have a positive impact on your mood, as well.

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