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6 keys to trucker etiquette


6 keys to trucker etiquette

Truckers love to talk about the rules of the road, largely because those are the strictures by which they conduct business and generally live their lives on a daily basis. While there are certainly rules of the road when it comes to laws about operating a motor vehicle, there are also unwritten rules that truckers should strive to follow out of general courtesy for other motorists — and truckers.

The following are just a few of them:

1) Don't be careless in getting around other truckers

Like every other driver, truckers on the highway frequently find themselves behind someone going slower than the flow of traffic, according to the Hamrick School. It's perfectly fine for a you to go around that person, but it's only courteous to do so as quickly and decisively as possible, because you can leave them in a tough position if you pass too slowly.

2) Give merging truckers plenty of space

Another classic highway driving situation: You're trying to merge onto the highway and other drivers aren't exactly giving you the space to do so safely, the Hamrick School added. As a trucker, you should be especially mindful of how this trend affects fellow long-haulers and give those vehicles as wide a berth as you possibly can so they can get up to speed as quickly as they need to.

3) Don't drive in the left lane

A big rig shouldn't exceed the speed limit, and while it may occasionally be necessary to use the passing lane, you should avoid driving in it for longer than you absolutely have to, according to J.E.B. Insurance Services. In most cases, you shouldn't go over, say, 60 miles per hour, and most other drivers who are trying to use the passing lane are likely to be going much faster than that. Don't gum up the works.

4) Don't box a fellow trucker in

Especially when it comes to thickening traffic, you may find yourself driving in close proximity to other truckers, J.E.B. Insurance Services said. That can make it so that those fellow haulers don't have a lot of flexibility to change lanes or stop quickly if they need to. As such, this is another situation where you should be actively looking out for one another and creating space so you have more options.

5) Don't park at the fuel island

When you are at a truck stop, you should never leave your tractor trailer unattended at the fuel island while you stop into the convenience store, go to the bathroom, do paperwork and so on, according to Dynamic Transit. Fuel up, move your truck out of the way, then go about your other business. Again, it's just about keeping things moving smoothly for others.

6) Clean up after yourself

This is just good life advice in addition to being a critical rule of the road, but you shouldn't litter or leave "trucker bombs" for other drivers to discover, Dynamic Transit advised. Take all your trash and put it in the proper receptacle, even if that means taking an extra minute or two before you leave. That's just good manners, no matter what your job is.

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