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6 ways to keep your cab and sleeper berth organized


7 ways to keep your cab and sleeper berth organized

Let's face it, truck drivers don't have a lot of space in their cabs to store everything they might need on the road, and that can lead to a lot of clutter. Of course, that kind of clutter can make you less efficient in your daily efforts, so it's important to tighten things up and keep everything as organized as possible.

These tips can help you do just that:

1) Invest in organizing equipment

First and foremost, if you don't have various bins, racks and holders — all carefully labeled with what's supposed to go in there — on hand, you're not helping yourself, according to Schneider. Plastic bins for under your seats, shoe organizers you can hang off the back of your chair and so on will all help ensure you know where everything is supposed to go and that no loose items are cluttering up your space.

2) Keep what you need closest to you

When you're putting some effort into organizing your cab and sleeper berth, you should rank everything in terms of how much you need it, Schneider added. There's some stuff that you have to be able to grab at a moment's notice, and that should be kept closest to your driver's seat or bed. Then the other stuff can be tucked away in a more distant corner.

3) Put certain items to use in more ways than one

When it comes to organization gear, there are some things that have an intended use, but can be utilized for others as well, according to Trucker Path. A shoe organizer is a great example: You can put your shoes in some of the slots, but also things like toiletries, cleaning supplies, pens and more in the others. Get creative to determine exactly what can go where.

4) Turn every surface into a spot for organization

You certainly know there's only so much cubic footage in a cab, so you need to make the most of it, Trucker Path advised. Essentially, there shouldn't be a single surface — including the ceiling — where you're not trying to find some level of organization. Indeed, installing a net for extra storage space along the ceiling is a great idea, and so too is hanging things off that net from hooks, as needed.

5) Install a mount for your laptop

A life on the road these days requires a laptop to stay connected and keep yourself entertained, according to Semi Truck. If you don't have a mount — and preferably a retractable one — to hold it, that might not be the most efficient use of space. A mount you can attach to a surface like a tabletop or wall is a great investment.

6) Always have somewhere to put your receipts

A trucker's work requires them to keep a lot of receipts, Semi Truck said. Rather than just leaving them scattered, even slightly, it's a good idea to have a bin (even including an empty tissue box) where you stuff these little pieces of paper for safe keeping.

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