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5 meal prep tips for truckers


5 meal prep tips for truckers

Truckers likely know full well that it's not always easy to get a good, healthy meal two or three times a day without fail. The reality is the job rarely offers that kind of flexibility.

Instead, you would be wise to grab the bull by the horns here and start making at least some of your meals in advance. The more you can do to prep prior to a trip - whether it will take a full week or more, or lasts a single day - the better off you'll be in terms of both hassles and nutrition.

Here are a few tips to get you ready:

1) Make food in large quantities

Simply put, truckers aren't always going to have a lot of time to spend in a kitchen - or anything close to it - on a daily basis, according to Trucker Path. As a consequence, it's vital for truckers to make the most of whatever opportunities they have to at least prep food in bulk. For instance, cutting up a week's worth of vegetables, meats and other foods needed for whatever meals they plan all at once is a great idea.

2) Use a slow cooker if you can

Along similar lines, it's often a good idea for truckers to invest in a slow cooker so they can just drop all the ingredients in and let them simmer a few hours, Trucker Path added. This way, truckers can focus on driving and have a meal ready to go when they need it. Looking up recipes for great slow cooker meals online is an easy way to find stuff you'll like.

3) Know what your schedule will look like

Of course, you need to be able to plan your cook times and ingredient purchases around whatever you're going to be doing in a given week, so sitting down and figuring out what you need to buy for your meal in advance is a must, according to Truck Insure. You may be able to buy some foods that keep well days in advance, but other ingredients may have to be purchased the day of.

4) Have ready-to-go food on hand

While you may want to plan all your meals in advance, sometimes circumstances will arise that keep you from eating what you want, Truck Insure noted. As such, it's also important to have some meal substitutes in your truck in case you get stuck in traffic or otherwise held up. A few fresh apples in your fridge, some packages of seeds, nuts or jerky, yogurt and protein bars are all good, healthy ideas to keep your body properly fueled.

5) Get all the necessary equipment and tools

In addition to investing in a slow cooker and a good-sized refrigerator/freezer, you might need some other items in your cab to really ensure you're able to prepare your meals properly, according to Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips. That should include a plug-in power inverter, dishes, cookware and utensils, cutting board, etc. to assure you'll never forget something you need.

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