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The ins and outs of a trucker lifestyle


The ins and outs of a trucker lifestyle

The trucker lifestyle is inarguably one of a kind, and many would say that it is perfect for the right type of individual. Understanding the experiences and insights of truckers who have been in the workforce for years can sometimes help younger drivers get into the right groove and acclimate to this highly unique profession.

Let's take a look at what you can expect from your lifestyle as a trucker. 

Settling in
All Trucking explains some of the common experiences truckers will have during their first year of driving, affirming that the lifestyle changes will likely be stark. In the first year on the road, drivers will need to earn their chops by taking on freights that are not as desirable, simply because most companies give priority to professionals who have been working with them for longer periods of time. 

In many ways, though, the site states that this is a good way to start, as those loads will tend to be in more remote areas, allowing drivers to gain their bearings in a more comfortable fashion. However, it will take some time before the average driver can get both a preferable route and the desired pay. So long as truckers do a good job in that first year, they ought to be receiving higher preference and getting more of the drives they desire going forward. This is especially due to the relative lack of truckers available today. 

Key points of note
Throughout your time as a trucker, you might embrace some of the more common lifestyle points like living out of your cab for extended periods of time. Trucking Truth adds that this is one way many drivers will tend to save money, rather than having an apartment or home in which you rarely sleep or visit. The site notes that this is sometimes difficult to get used to, but it does end up suiting many drivers well over time.

On the flip side, this profession's often small expenses and high salaries - Trucking Truth cites the top drivers making $100,000 annually - can put you into a very good financial position in a relatively short period of time. According to Smart Trucking, some of the other advantages of the trucking lifestyle include a high level of independence, a vast availability of open jobs and the opportunity to see many of parts of the country while getting paid. The site also affirms that truckers enjoy a lot of flexibility with respect to their schedules. 

So, while it may take time to gain your bearings and work up to a status that allows you desirable routes and pay, you should be in a solid position professionally and financially within the first couple of years. Suffice it to say that this is highly unique to the trucking industry, and makes for a preferable situation for the right individuals.

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