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6 tips for cleaning your truck's interior


6 tips for cleaning your truck's interior

Truckers are always on the lookout for ways they can be more comfortable on the job, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by keeping their cabs' interiors clean. That, obviously, will take a bit of work and some ongoing attention, but the benefits it can have for your mental and even physical health should not be overlooked.

Not sure where to begin with your cab cleaning efforts? The following tips should go a long way toward keeping you on the straight and narrow:

1) Don't let it pile up

The simplest way to stay on top of cleaning your cab is not to go too long without cleaning everything out, according to Trucking Info. In general, try to make it a habit to take your empty bottles, bags and wrappers out of the truck every time you stop, but also strive to be more proactive about things like cleaning your windows and so on as well.

2) Be conscientious about wiping down surfaces

There may be plenty of areas in your truck where debris can pile up, but the same can be said about less visible problems - like dirt and dust, Trucking Info advised. For that reason, you might be wise to make sure you're dusting your dashboard, shelves in your sleeper cab and so on. That can have a bigger positive impact on overall cleanliness than you might expect.

3) Think about how often you should do certain cleanings

Some things, like taking out the trash, should be done at least once a day, but others like dusting can be put off for longer periods of time, according to Schneider. Putting together a schedule that will remind you when to undertake certain cleaning jobs will help you stay on the ball, have all the right supplies on hand and so on.

4) Silo off your sleeper area

While you might be perfectly comfortable letting dirt, dust and debris pile up in your passenger seat or on your dashboard, you shouldn't allow the same lax attitude in your living area, Schneider added. Simple things like leaving trash outside that area, and removing your shoes when you move into it, can go a long way toward keeping your sleep and relaxation space cleaner - and nicer to spend time in.

5) Do the laundry frequently

Letting your own dirty laundry pile up isn't a good idea in your truck, but is a good one to clean your bed coverings, blankets, pillows and so on somewhat consistently as well, according to Transportation Nation. That helps avoid clutter and also ensures you get a more comfortable living space.

6) Consider what needs to be disinfected

Especially these days, cleaning is only part of keeping a safe, healthy cab, Transportation Nation said. Disinfecting areas you touch frequently is also advisable with the novel coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, so having some bleach wipes or disinfectant spray in your truck is always smart.

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