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6 ways truckers can deal with people returning to work


6 ways truckers can deal with people returning to work

Truckers across the U.S. have been some of the celebrated workers on the front lines of the pandemic throughout the past few months, but their approaches might have to change in the near future. That's because more businesses are opening up once again and the number of people drivers will have to deal with on a daily basis may increase substantially.

So how can you, as a pro hauler, stay safe as more people go out into the world again? Theses days, nothing is totally foolproof, but the following tips should help:

1) Put your own health first

Each day before you get behind the wheel, it's important to make sure you're in good health, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means checking yourself for any of the common coronavirus symptoms and otherwise ensuring feel up to doing your duties on a daily basis.

2) Maintain social distance going forward

Even as many restrictions are now being lifted on travel, the kinds of businesses that can be opened and so on, you still need to be as safe for yourself as possible, the CDC said. That means staying at least six feet away from most people you encounter whenever you can, whether you're in line at a truck stop or dealing with employees when you pick up or drop off a load.

3) Wear all recommended protective gear

Even when observing social distancing protocols, you also need to make sure you're wearing all recommended safety gear for a given situation, according to NHH Services. In many cases, a facemask will certainly do the trick, but you might also need to have gloves or even eye protection in others, just to be sure.

4) Keep your cab's surfaces clean

While you certainly can't account for what goes on around or even in your trailer 100% of the time, you can certainly control your own driving and living space in your truck's cab, NHH Services advised. That means cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces you touch regularly, washing the sheets for your sleeper berth on a regular basis and so on. Something as simple as using disinfectant wipes on the steering wheel, table, dashboard and the like will go a long way toward keeping you safe.

5) Know the danger areas

If your route is going to take you into an area that has become known for its high rate of infection, you need to be even more cautious than usual, according to Trucking Info. For instance, if you have to head into a major metro area like New York City, being even more vigilant about your health and safety is simply good practice.

6) Stay in the cab whenever possible

Whether you're pulling over for the night or just waiting for your trailer to be loaded or unloaded, it's a good idea to simply keep to yourself as much as possible, Trucking Info added. While you can't be sure how clean a truck stop or shipping partner is keeping its facilities, you have a lot of control over your truck, so staying in there is always a good idea these days.

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