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5 ways for truckers to save money every day


5 ways for truckers to save money every day

Finding more ways to save money in everyday life is a good idea for just about everyone in the working class; pro truckers are certainly no exception. The problem, of course, is it's often difficult to find ways to cut costs when you're living a life on the road, and that's especially true for independent drivers. However, there are ways to save in your everyday life that you might not even realize, and if you can find even a few of them that apply to you, the savings can really add up over time.

The following tips should help you get a better handle on your monthly spending and allow you to save plenty of money in the course of a week, month or year:

1) Start a budget

Perhaps the easiest way is to get a better understanding of where and what you spend in the first place, according to CDL Life. If you look at your receipts, credit card statements, debit transactions and so on for the last, say, three months, you may find that you spend more than you realize every week on any number of items that you could safely cut out or at least scale back.

2) Sign up for loyalty programs

Almost every major chain you shop at will now provide you with the opportunity to sign up for loyalty or frequent-shopper programs that provide discounts on everyday purchases, CDL Life noted. Getting such an account with any number of gas stations will help you save on diesel, but it's also a good idea to get them for things like convenience stores and supermarkets so you can save on your body's fuel as well.

3) Drink more water

It may only be a dollar or two here and there, but one of the biggest expenses truckers face on the open road is the cost of food and drink, and when it comes to coffee, soda, energy drinks and more, there's a better way, according to ABCO Transportation. Many truck stops have water bottle refilling stations that filter tap water and dispense it at ice-cold temperatures. Drinking water throughout the day will quench your thirst at a fraction of the price, while also providing other health benefits.

4) Set up shop for the night where you get free internet access

If you're planning on pulling into a rest area to relax and sleep for the night, you're likely to use a lot of cellular data to stream shows, play games or video chat, ABCO Transportation added. For that reason, it's always a good idea to find places that provide free WiFi and park near them. These may be truck stops, but they can also be big-box stores, coffee shops and so on.

5) Make your meals in advance

As mentioned, you're going to spend a lot on food over the course of a month, but you don't have to break the bank, according to Landair. If you shop and cook in advance - and make a few days' worth of dinners - that's going to be much cheaper than getting even a relatively inexpensive fast food meal.

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