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4 ways to stay attentive during long drives


4 ways to stay attentive during long drives

Career truckers will probably spend the majority of their lives on the road. These essential workers drive long distances and hours to deliver and receive goods. Although its a very important job, there's a lot of downtime and boredom as a professional truck driver. Thus, it's crucial that drivers develop methods for staying alert and attentive on the longest drives. Here are a few ways truckers can maintain presence of mind during their shifts.

1) Listen to catchy music you can sing along to

Everyone loves to jam to some tunes on the road, and truckers fly solo, so they can sing as loudly as they want with no one to judge them! Putting on a playlist of catchy tunes can help truckers take great strides toward staying attentive on the road. By forcing yourself to focus on the lyrics and anticipate them, you keep your mind active and in the present. As long as you don't take your eyes off the road, music can be a surprisingly effective tool to stay alert on long hauls! According to America Truck Driving School, music is perhaps one of the most useful tools to staying present on the road!

2) Listen to podcasts

A great alternative to music, if you're in the mood for something more conversational, is to listen to a podcast. Podcasts are great because they are discussions about a variety of topics that lend themselves to intense focus and listening. And unlike most conversations you'll have about topics you're interested in, there's no need or even a possibility of having to come up with your own responses, which can be quite distracting. Instead of chatting on the phone, which can be dangerously distracting, let yourself be absorbed by an intriguing discussion on a podcast!

3) Listen to audiobooks

Another alternative listening activity involves audiobooks! Are you a bookworm, or just looking to get absorbed in a good story? An audiobook is a great way to pass the time on a road trip while also remaining attentive. As anyone who reads can attest, you have to be very present when reading a story, because if you lose your focus, you'll go entire pages without remembering any of the words! The same applies to audiobooks - by forcing you to focus on the words and the story contained within them, you remain alert and aware of yourself and your surroundings, while getting to listen to a great novel in audio form!

4) Open the windows

A more low-tech solution for maintaining focus on the road involves opening your cab's windows. If the weather is nice, and winds aren't too bad, letting in some fresh air can be invigorating, and give your system the shock it needs to remain focused on the road. Rolling down the glass allows you to both enjoy nature and drive safely, according to Reader's Digest.

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