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4 things to watch for as the weather warms


4 things to watch for as the weather warms

As we emerge from a chilly winter, aspects of our daily routine change in numerous ways. This includes the driving experience. With temperatures rising and the snow melting off of the roads, adjustments need to be made to drive safely and appropriately.

1) Watch our for potholes

Potholes are an obstacle that no driver enjoys. Truckers especially are particularly vulnerable to potholes because the impact can damage vehicle components and cargo. Potholes are formed chiefly as the weather warms, according to USA Today. In the winter months, water seeps into cracks in the pavement and freezes, widening gaps and holes and creating these hazards. Truckers need to make sure that they are always aware of the surface of the road ahead of them during springtime, as the potholes come out in full force.

2) Speed limits

With the snow and ice melting and the weather turning nicer, the urge to cruise on the road at a breakneck pace can certainly be strong. But it is important for truck drivers to exercise the same amount of caution they would in more hazardous conditions, which includes reducing their speed. No good will come of a delivery if the product is damaged from a high-speed collision, or if the driver is injured. Sticking below the speed limit and driving sensibly can ensure both you and your cargo's safety while on the road.

3) Rainstorms can be dangerous

As the April showers emerge and make their presence known, the surface of the roads that truckers will be driving on becomes more risky. When wet, pavement can be very slippery, which is a particular danger to large trucks, thanks to their variable weight distribution and lofty center of gravity. As always, caution needs to be exercised when driving in rainy and wet conditions. Tire and brake condition should be monitored both by inspectors and the drivers themselves, and windshield wipers kept in optimal condition for removing liquid from the glass. And as always, speed should be kept to a reasonable level - a trucker's worst nightmare is spinning out of control because they were going too fast on slippery asphalt. 

4) The sun

Having a clear, unobstructed view of the road is a must. Even though its not summer yet, the sun becomes a hazard in its own right as winter fades and turns to spring. This shining ball of plasma can easily blind truck drivers on the road. And thanks to the increased amount of daylight and the reduced presence of moody gray clouds, vehicle operators will have to take precautionary measures to deal with the now common presence of the sun in the sky. Having a good pair of sunglasses is a must for any long-haul driver. Many companies make glasses that are specifically built with truckers in mind, offering high-quality protection and important features that typical sunglasses do not, according to CD Life. 

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