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5 ways to keep your truck more organized


5 ways to keep your truck more organized

Truckers have a limited amount of space in their vehicles where they can store everything they need for a life on the road, and as a result, clutter can quickly become a major issue for many drivers. For that reason, it's critical to be a little more conscientious about staying organized with everything you do.

The following tips should help you stay more organized as you traverse the nation's highways and byways:

1) Buy containers to give everything its right place

The average person probably has a lot of clutter in their trunk or back seat, but truckers can't fall into that same problem, according to Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips. With that in mind, it's a good idea to invest in some small, cheap plastic tubs that are either clear or easy to label, so you know exactly what's in them. That way, you won't have to go searching through a bunch of other stuff for the items you need - you'll know right where they are.

2) Store related items you will use together

When putting your various items into containers, it's important to put items into groups, Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips added. For instance, if you have a bag of kitty litter, a small shovel, gloves and other stuff you use in the winter, it should all be put into one container (or area) so when you need it, you know where to go. When you do this, it's also easier to remove all that stuff from your truck and put it into storage when the seasons change.

3) Be proactive about cleanups

Another issue many truckers face is allowing empty soda bottles, snack wrappers, fast food bags and so on to pile up over the course of a trip, according to CDL Life. It's important to keep all this stuff as minimized as possible in your cab, and be more proactive about taking it out regularly. That way, if you ever need to find an item in your cab, you won't need to move a bunch of junk aside.

4) Before making a purchase, ask yourself if you really need it

Along similar lines, if you're thinking of buying another item that you will keep in your truck, ask yourself how important it is, CDL Life noted. If the answer is that it's vital, then it's wise to make the purchase. However, if it's just something that would be nice to have and you already find yourself dealing with a lot of clutter, you might want to do more to get organized before buying it.

5) Make use of technology

Finally, it's a good idea to make some notes on your phone about where you are putting everything, what you have on hand, how it's organized and so on, according to United World Transportation. Then, ifyou find yourself struggling to track down an important item, you can quickly check your notes and quickly figure out where you put it.

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