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5 tips for new truckers to pass their CDL training


5 tips for new truckers to pass their CDL training

Long-time truckers know full well that getting the job in the first place isn't just a matter of going to the DMV and getting your CDL license. It takes a lot of hard work, preparation and commitment to lock down your license on the first try.

The following steps should help you better prepare for CDL school and getting your license:

1) Get a physical in advance

What many aspiring truckers may not realize is they might have to pass a physical exam to become a trucker certified by the Department of Transportation, according to CDL Training Spot. Do some research to determine if you will face such a requirement. If so, it's a good idea to get your physical first so you don't commit a lot of money and effort to training, only to be derailed by a health issue. Moreover, some carriers may make you take another physical before they will hire you.

2) Work hard

Depending upon your habits when you were in high school or college, you may feel you may not need to study all that hard to pass your licensure tests, CDL Training Spot advised. However, that's just not the case: You will have to memorize plenty of information and be able to apply it not just on a test, but in the real world. You will therefore need to commit multiple hours per week of studying outside the classroom to make sure you're fully prepared for what comes next.

3) Don't "pump and dump" information

Studying to become a commercial trucker isn't like taking a history test in high school, according to the United States Truck Driving School. You simply can't cram all the information in your head at once, as doing so may cause you to forget much of it later on. Instead, seriously commit the various details you need to pass the license test to memory. This will help you recall it more easily not only at test time, but also when you actually become a trucker and apply the knowledge practically.

4) Know what you're going for

What many who don't have experience as truck drivers may not know is that you can't just haul anything you like the second you get your CDL license, according to Great CDL Training. There are various endorsements, from being able to operate vehicles with hazardous materials, tanks, double- and triple-trainers and so on, that you may have to earn to be fully prepared for your career, depending on your goals.

5) Prep for your skills test

Finally, while there's plenty of book-learning to do in this process, you'll also need to prove you can actually operate a big rig, Great CDL Training. That means not only being drive the truck, but also inspect it thoroughly and make sure it's ready for operation. Spending as much time as you need behind the wheel and around the vehicles is a must to help guarantee you can pass your test without much difficulty.

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