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5 ways to eat healthier at a truck stop


5 ways to eat healthier at a truck stop

When you're navigating the nation's highways and byways, eating healthy may not always seem like a reasonable option. After all, truck stop food doesn't always put health ahead of convenience, and it's easy to fall into the habit of getting another burger and fries with a good-sized soda for at least one meal every day.

However, if you're trying to eat healthier, there are plenty of small ways to change your habits that, when taken together, can have a big impact on your diet. The following are just a few such steps:

1) Focus on snacking better

Even if you can't change what you eat for your meals because of a lack of options, you will certainly have more flexibility than you may realize around snacking, according to All Trucking. For instance, instead of chips or candy, you could try eating more trail mix, nuts, granola and the like. These can be just as filling - if not more so - than many of the less healthy snack options available in the truck stop convenience store.

2) Try different meals

If you have an option between a sandwich with deli meats and a fast food burger or fried chicken, you should consider going for the former at least as often as the latter, All Trucking cautioned. A sandwich with fresh turkey or grilled chicken, plus some vegetables, is often a far healthier choice. Moreover, if you have an option to get a salad, that's another opportunity you should gravitate toward on a consistent basis.

3) Cut back on your portions

In addition to trying to change up what you eat, you should also focus on reducing the amount you eat for every meal, according to Arrow Truck. Even a little bit of cutting back in this regard, no matter what you choose, will likely do a world of good. Of course, this practice isn't always easy, so it's important to ease yourself into it.

4) Make little changes first

The idea of quitting fast food and sugary snacks cold turkey may be daunting, so giving yourself the leeway to start with smaller tweaks before tackling the big ones is always a good idea, Arrow Truck advised. For instance, one easy change is to switch from regular soda to diet, then try to shift yourself onto drinking seltzer, iced teas and water instead. Moreover, you may want to think about cutting back from a double cheeseburger to a single, or getting the medium fries rather than the large.

5) Take advantage of things you can refrigerate

Finally, to circle back to eating between meals, if you have a mini-fridge in your truck, you might want to think about some of the nutritious snack options available that you may not think about, according to Tri-State Secured. For instance, yogurt, fresh fruit, cheese and even hard-boiled eggs are all great options for snacking smarter as long as you have the ability to keep them appropriately chilled.

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