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5 ways to get the most out of your trucking career


5 ways to get the most out of your trucking career

The life of a trucker may not always be easy, but there are many satisfying, fulfilling and even fun parts of the job that the average person just might not know about. After all, a life on the road has plenty of benefits to offer to those who know where to look.

These seven tips could help you unlock a little more enjoyment from a career in trucking:

1) Try to get home more often

This is something you'll likely have to work with your dispatcher or supervisor on, but the way the industry is going, more freight companies are trying to accommodate driver needs, thanks to the shortage of capable professionals, according to Smart Trucking. Consequently, if you can spend even an extra night or two at home, sleeping in your own bed and spending time with friends and loved ones, you'll find a lot more satisfaction in your job overall.

2) Build relationships

Even if you can't get home as often as you'd like, it's important to build relationships that enrich your life wherever you can, Smart Trucking advised. For instance, becoming a bit friendlier with your dispatcher or supervisor to the point where you can chit-chat about whatever you want can be a great idea, and the same is true if you find yourself regularly running into people at truck stops and your various destinations along the nation's highways and byways.

3) Eat healthier

One of the biggest things that affects your mental or physical well-being without you necessarily noticing it is your diet, according to the Diesel Driving Academy. While truck stop food isn't always the healthiest, even having the occasional salad instead of a burger and fries, and substituting in water, tea or seltzer for unhealthy soda or coffee will help you feel and look a lot better over a relatively short period of time.

4) Get a little exercise

Along similar lines to eating better, getting some additional activity is a great way to improve your mental and physical health, according to Highway Transport. Mixing some exercise with a better diet compounds those effects. While you may not see a lot of opportunities to work out,  something as simple as a walk or jog in a park could go a long way toward making you more active. As an added bonus, exercising releases brain chemicals that improve your mood.

5) Take the chance to learn

If you're spending six, eight, 10 or more hours behind the wheel every day, having an endless supply of songs on the radio or via a streaming service can get tiresome, Highway Transport added. Instead, you might be wise to start listening to books on tape, learning a new language or listening to podcasts to pass the time in an entertaining and engaging way. Thanks to various services that cost little or nothing to subscribe, just like music streaming, the possibilities are endless.

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