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8 ways truckers can snack healthier on the road


8 ways truckers can snack healthier on the road

Truckers likely know the story with snacking on the road all too well: It's often unhealthy and leads to some serious health risks. But it doesn't have to be that way: There's a whole world of healthy, nutritious snacking options out there, though they may not always be widely available at truck stops.

Consequently, a little planning ahead could help any trucker find a better snacking situation going forward:

1) Fruit

This is a classic suggestion for people who want to snack healthier, but the frequency of the suggestion makes it no less true, according to ATBS. Fruit tastes great and packs plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals that normal snack food simply doesn't.

2) Vegetables with hummus

Veggies are often mentioned in the same breath as fruit, but their flavor can be a bit more bland or muted, ATBS noted. As such, shaking things up with some hummus, especially flavored or spiced varieties, can be a great way to enjoy a filling treat that's close to calorie-neutral.

3) Hard-boiled eggs

It doesn't take much effort to hard boil a bunch of eggs before a trip and have them ready to go in a cooler or your truck's mini-fridge, ATBS added. They taste great, have plenty of protein, and even a few of them at once won't tack too many calories onto your daily total.

4) Granola (bars or otherwise)

A bit of granola can be a great snack on the road, but you have to be careful about buying certain types of granola bars because they typically come packed with sugar, according to Trucking Info. Of course, you can also get granola in a trail mix, allowing you to have a little bit of salty and sweet while still mostly keeping it healthy.

5) Nuts

Nuts are another super source of protein, fatty acids and the like, and they can be quite filling even in moderation, Trucking Info advised. However, it's important to be careful with these options - whether you're going for peanuts, almonds or another choice - because they do have more calories than the above options, though not nearly as many as, say, chips or candy.

6) String cheese

Cheese is a fatty and can be high in calories, but it's also nutritious, filling and tastes great, according to Smart Trucking. With that in mind, string cheese or other single-serving cheeses are a solid snack in moderation.

7) Jerky

Along similar lines to cheese, jerky can be a perfect snack because it, too, will fill you up quickly and comes with plenty of protein, Smart Trucking said. However, not all jerkies are created equal and some big-name options have a lot of unhealthy preservatives in them. If you can find natural options, this can be a great way to snack healthier.

8) Yogurt

This final protein-packed snack isn't always easy to eat behind the wheel (unless it's in "squirtable" containers) but it's extremely nutritious and promotes healthy gut bacteria, Smart Trucking noted. If you are eating it out of a cup, mixing in a bit of fruit - but not too much, because of the sugar content - can be a great idea.

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