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5 hydration tips for truckers


5 hydration tips for truckers

Hydration has become something of a buzzword, but that doesn't mean it's not incredibly important for people of all shapes and sizes. For truckers who are putting in a lot of hard hours all summer long, hydration is even more critical because it will keep their bodies and minds functioning at a peak level - especially when combined with better nutrition overall.

Below are five tips that will help any pro hauler stay hydrated all summer long:

1) Make a schedule

One of the easiest ways to make sure you're taking in enough water when you're on the road is with a refillable bottle and regular timers reminding you to drink it, according to Truckers News. Even a few sips twice an hour will help you stay hydrated, but as always, doctors recommend drinking the equivalent of about eight glasses of water per day to stay fully healthy.

2) Flavor the water

There are some people whose big hang-up about hydration is that they don't like the way water tastes, Truckers News advised. If this describes you, the aversion doesn't have to stand in the way of your health; you can simply start adding low- or no-calorie flavoring to your water. The supermarket is packed with options to make your water taste more appealing, usually at a pretty low cost.

3) Try seltzer

Another big issue for truckers trying to increase their water intake is they're so used to sodas and similar beverages, making it harder to kick the habit, according to JB Hunt. With that in mind, switching to a flavored seltzer can help ease you into staying away from sugary drinks and simply getting more water. Most seltzers have zero calories and natural flavors; you're bound to find something you like if you experiment a bit. Eventually, it might get you off soda entirely.

4) Don't think sports drinks will cut it

Along similar lines, you might have gotten the impression that sports drinks like Gatorade are an effective hydration product, JB Hunt cautioned. In some extreme cases, that can be true, but if you're relying on it every day, that's not going to be a positive for your health. Often, these beverages have high sugar concentrations that lead to a crash, and you can also get the electrolytes they provide from other drinks like coconut water.

5) Eat naturally hydrating foods

Of course, just like the human body, a lot of foods have extremely high water content, so even if you're not excited to drink eight glasses per day, you can supplement your hydration with some fruits and veggies you already enjoy, according to NTB. For instance, cucumbers are nearly 97% water, and celery is more than 95% water. Likewise, watermelon, strawberries and grapefruits are all at least 90% water, meaning that you can get a delicious snack in while also staying hydrated. As an added bonus, you can also put some of those fruits in with your water for some natural flavor.

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