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5 facts and myths about being a trucker


5 facts and myths about being a trucker

While the trucking industry can offer many attractive jobs with strong pay and excellent benefits, there is still a shortage of people coming into the sector simply because there are a lot of misconceptions about it.

Below are some of the myths and truths about the industry to help clear up some of the confusion and, hopefully, make it clear why trucking is such a good career path:

Fact: The industry will keep growing

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is opportunities will be there for many years to come, according to Hot Cars. With e-commerce demand growing and the economy booming, the chances that trucking companies will need to curtail hiring efforts any time soon - or that drivers will be replaced by robots - are slim to none. In fact, many experts think freight companies will rely more heavily on drivers in the years ahead simply to make up the long-existing trucker shortage that's still ongoing.

Myth: Truckers tend to drive dangerously

Some people may be wary of getting behind the wheel of a big rig because they think they will have to drive dangerously to get to their destinations on time, Hot Cars cautioned. This is simply not the case, as companies put the safety of their drivers and cargo ahead of all other concerns. Speeding is strongly discouraged, for many reasons, as are other potentially dangerous traffic maneuvers that could put motorists at risk.

Fact: What the flash is for

One of the big issues truckers face at night is that it's not always easy to deal with other vehicles when they're harder to see, according to the law firm Isaacs and Isaacs. For that reason, truckers rely heavily on their headlights as a way to signal to? other truckers or motorists. Some use headlights to tell oncoming traffic there's an accident or large object in the road ahead, or a speed trap. For traffic traveling in the same direction, truckers may flash their high beams to indicate that another driver should pass them.

It's safety first for truckers at any time of day.

Myth: Trucking is mainly for men

While it's certainly true that the vast majority of truckers are men, the industry is increasingly friendly to women as well, according to eTags. Nationwide, hundreds of thousands of women are truckers already and that number is only likely to grow, as is the share of the sector they actually take up. With greater need for qualified drivers, companies are increasingly diversifying their hiring efforts.

Fact: You have to be physically and mentally prepared

While some people may think of trucking as an easy job they may not realize how mentally and physically taxing it is, eTags noted. To be on full alert for so much of a given day is exhausting, and the same is true when it comes to handling a vehicle of that size for so long.

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