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6 tips for saving money on the road


6 tips for saving money on the road

Truckers may have seen their salaries rise considerably in the past year or two, as demand for drivers only seems to be increasing. However, just about everyone needs to save some money over the course of their lives. Whether it's putting money away for retirement, a rainy day or just to give yourself a little more financial flexibility, every dollar helps.

With that in mind, these are some helpful tips to cut your costs here and there:

1) Make a budget

Sticker shock can play a big role in putting you on the path to better money management, according to EZ Freight Factoring. If you just sit down and look at how much you're spending while on the road - over the course of a week, month or entire year - you may find that number is surprisingly high. If you can come up with a more reasonable target, then put together some plans to cut spending and do everything you can to stick to them.

2) Prep your meals in advance

Likely the biggest line item for any trucker - besides fuel for their big rigs - is fuel for their bodies, EZ Freight Factoring added. A meal at a rest stop will likely cost you as much as $10, and that may not sound like much, even if you do that twice a day. But that's easily $100 a week on food that's probably not all that healthy, and if you're on the road more than that, the cost can add up to the tens of thousands of dollars before you even factor in snacks.

3) Find every rewards program you can

Companies are usually willing to give their customers discounts in exchange for a little information about their purchasing habits, so you would be wise to take advantage, according to Cardinal. Businesses from convenience store chains and pharmacies to grocery stores and gas stations will give you discounts on some of the things you buy most as long as you swipe or scan a card, so if you find yourself patronizing the same stores often, being signed up for rewards goes a long way.

4) Stick to regular maintenance schedules

One of the single biggest expenses any trucker will face is when their tractor trailers need emergency repairs, Cardinal noted. Paying less for routine maintenance is a must that will also end up saving you time.

5) Avoid behavior that will get you ticketed

Another all too common expense for drivers is when they get hit with tickets for speeding, overweighing their trucks, logbook violations and the like, according to Truckers Insider. Driving with a little extra caution and following as many of the rules of the road as possible while also making your deadlines on time is vital to saving money over the course of a year.

6) Download the apps

Many of the above tips can be handled quickly and easily, all from your smartphone, Truckers Insider advised. Apps for budgeting, meal prep, rewards management, scheduling and so on are all just a quick tap away with a little bit of research.

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