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4 exercises any trucker can do


4 exercises any trucker can do

The sad truth is that truckers don't often have much opportunity for exercise or eating right, which brings with it a number of notable health risks. With that in mind, it's vital for pro haulers to make sure they're taking any opportunity they can to get at least a small workout in.

Here are just a few suggestions that could help you squeeze in some quick exercise from just about anywhere:

1) Kettlebells

The good thing about kettlebells - as far as truckers are concerned - is that they are compact, according to AllTrucking. Unlike barbells and other types of weights, they can be stowed under a passenger seat or in the sleeper berth without taking up a ton of space. When working out with them, the benefits are more or less the same as traditional weightlifting.

The good news is that, much like traditional barbells, you can "level up" your workouts as you go. Start with smaller, lighter options and then invest in heavier ones once the older options get a little too easy for you.

2) Resistance training

Along similar lines, investing in some resistance belts or rubber tubes can help truckers get in a quick lift, AllTrucking added. This is a good workout for both your strength and your cardiovascular system, and you can use the belts in any number of ways. For instance, wrapping them around a sturdy part of your truck can allow you to get in a rowing-style exercise, while standing on the cords and pulling up can be like lifting weights in the traditional way.

Here, too, there are different levels of tension for the cords you can use to improve your strength on an ongoing basis, and they may take up even less space than kettlebells.

3) Stretching

Even if you don't want to start lifting, you should always make sure you're stretching when you get out of your truck, and that means all parts of your body, The Job Network advised. Bend forward, backward and to the sides, lift your knees, roll your head around your shoulders, flex your leg muscles and so on to make sure no part of your body is feeling any aches and pains.

And when you're in detention, it might also be a good idea to get in some calisthenic exercises like jumping jacks, pushups and the like, or at least go for a walk. It's a great way to kill time and feel better simultaneously.

4) Find ways to stay active behind the wheel

Because much of a trucker's day is spent in the driver's seat, there needs to be a bit of a workout in there as well, according to Exercise Right. You might invest in some small, one-handed barbells and alternate using them in each hand, or a grip strengthener. But you can also just flex and stretch your arms, core, neck and back so that you're not cramping up or starting to feel too much pain in any one spot.

Of course, these are just a number of options, and if you have specific health concerns or goals, you should research more of them to determine the best possible path for you to stay fit even when you're behind the wheel.

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