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4 health issues truckers should look at regularly


4 health issues truckers should look at regularly

It's important for everyone to make sure they meet with medical professionals to examine their overall health every once in a while, regardless of profession. But for truckers in particular, the potential health risks that come with the job make it even more important to maintain a good regimen of regular checkups throughout the year.

The following types of checkups should be considered a must for any pro hauler:

1) Get a physical

Getting in a checkup with your primary care physician to run all the appropriate tests and talk about any health concerns you may have is always a good idea, according to Self. This should happen at least once a year, but as you get older or if you find you're generally dealing with some ongoing health issues, it's probably something to tackle a bit more frequently than that.

Such a screening will test for everything from high blood pressure and cholesterol to potentially catching chronic health issues before they become a major problem. In addition, you may be able to bring up problems that might not show up on a chart like trouble sleeping, stress and so on. 

2) Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist

For truckers in particular, regular checkups with a skin doctor are smart because you spend so much of your work day in direct sunlight, Self advised. Even truckers who are particularly diligent about wearing sunscreen and generally avoiding direct skin exposure to harmful UV rays may not be able to avoid some of the risk factors, so a regular exam is good practice.

3) Visit the dentist

The old rule about seeing a dentist every six months to get your teeth cleaned and examined out thoroughly still holds true today, according to Ask the Dentist. In fact, if you have a history of dealing with gum disease, you should probably go every three months or so.

Studies increasingly show that risk factors for major issues that don't seem to be related to dental or oral health - such as Alzheimer's - may actually have their roots in things like gum disease.

4) Get your vision tested

Given how much of your time you spend looking out your windshield or checking your mirrors, it makes sense that regular eye exams are a must for any trucker, according to Platinum Drivers. Here, too, you would not only get your vision tested and your contact or glasses prescription updated, but an eye doctor will also check to see if you have any warning signs of health problems that could pose an even more serious long-term threat to your vision.

While truckers may not always feel like they have the flexibility to carve out time for doctor's appointments throughout the year, doing so is critical to properly managing health problems and catching any warning signs before they have a chance to turn into a major problem. Even a simple annual check-up can go a long way to ensuring you're healthy for many years to come.

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