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5 job-related life hacks for truckers


5 job-related life hacks for truckers

Truckers don't always have the easiest jobs, even if the average person thinks it's just a lot of sitting behind the wheel. They have to stay alert at all times - often for more than 10 hours at a stretch - and work to stay healthy and happy even as they spend days or weeks away from home, living off diets that aren't always healthy due to a lack of better options.

With that in mind, here are a handful of sneaky tips and tricks that can help make truckers' lives a little easier when they're on the road:

1) Always strive for a good night's sleep

Perhaps one of the very best ways to ensure good health - both physically and mentally - is to work on sleeping better, according to Lifehack. This isn't always easy for truckers, who don't get many comfortable bed options for their cabs, and may suffer from health issues that make sleeping through the night more difficult. With that said, truckers can talk to a health care professional about ways to improve sleep based on their unique situations and find solutions that will help them get eight hours of good rest.

2) More water, fewer sugary drinks

It's understandable why truckers load up on soda, energy drinks and coffee, Lifehack also noted. However, it's not advisable because these beverages not only lead to bad health, but also sugar crashes that can lead to drowsiness and irritability. Water - when consumed regularly - can have a big energizing effect many might not expect, and it's much healthier to boot.

3) Chew gum

When drivers' nerves get frayed by traffic and deadlines, a sugar-free gum (either mint or cinnamon) can be a big help, according to NTB. It gives them something pleasant to focus on instead of a stressor, provides a nice flavor burst and generally makes them more alert. It's always a good idea to have a pack or two on hand.

4) Invest in a crock pot

Eating routinely from diners, restaurants and truck stops is a bad combo: It's unhealthy and expensive, NTB added. Truckers can avoid these concerns by purchasing a slow cooker so they can make all sorts of food while on the road, without having to tend to it throughout the day. This ensures they always have affordable food options they like that aren't loaded with salt, fat or preservatives.

5) Rely on your gadgets

Pro drivers can get bogged down in day-to-day dealings, so counting on a smartphone or tablet for entertainment, information and connection is always a good idea, according to Express Truck Tax. Truckers can set playlists of their favorite songs, watch videos while in detention, talk or text with friends and family at night, and even video chat with their kids.

The more drivers can do to reduce their stress or the number of things they need to keep track of, the better off they're likely to be in the long run. Simply put, when drivers are able to do their jobs without many other concerns, they're far more likely to be happy with the life of a trucker.

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